Thursday, February 21, 2013


At least it did last Saturday night!  What a great time we had at the Right Wrights for a Birthday Singing!  It is always so much fun there!

RandyAndy, Wiz and the Bday girl.  My dates were the Big Dawes.  That is J. BigDawes foot in the bottom left.

Here is one of our gracious hosts!  Uh Oh, look at the time on the clock...twenty till ten on a Saturday know we were feeling no pain!

Sorry I didn't get more pics, but my camera died.  I guess the only person still there are 9:40 was L. BigDawes.  Wino Bill and Btut had slipped out early....Hummmmm?  What is up with that?

Love (and KitKats to you Btut!)


This is the BEST brownie pan ever!  Rayray and Wash gave it to me last year for by Bday.  It makes every brownie and end piece.  Love it, love it, love it!

And these are the BEST brownies ever!  Tim picked this up for me from Big Lots.  Love em, love em, love em!

Just thought I would share my massive brownie knowledge with you today.  Feel blessed!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


~  In 2004 and 2005 North Korea denounced sloppy men's hairstyles in a state-run TV series entitled Let Us Trim Our Hair in Accordance with the Socialist Lifestyle.  (catchy title)

~  The US invasion of Panaman in1989 was the first time a woman led US troops into combat.  US Army Captain Linda Bray commanded 30 MPs in a fierce firefight against Panamanian soldiers defending a huge weapons cache.

~  The pileated woodpecker (the largest woodpecker in North America) pecks a tree 20 times per second at a force equivalent to 16 miles an hour.

~  The ice hockey puck described in the first known written rules of the game was unusual because it was square.  The rules were written by W. F. Robertson, a student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, in the 1870s.

~  Tonka Toys got its name from the location of its first factory near Lake Minnetonka, in Mound, Minnesota.  For many years its corporate logo included waves to symbolize the lake.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Had to "Man-Up" Wash's hot pink bag for Valentine's Day!  Here are some fun facts about the day!

Hope your's is full of LOVE!

1.)Celebrated as the commemorative day of Saint Valentine, it is not certain whether this is one specific person, or the group of 14 martyred saints of ancient Rome, all of the same name.

2.)The Valentine's Day chocolate boxes were introduced in 1868 by Richard Cadbury.

3.)Some popular symbols of love used to express the feelings are cupid, arrows, doves, love birds, roses, and hearts.

4.)Pope Gelasius I of Rome, declared Saint Valentine's burial day as the Valentine's Day, on 496 AD.

5.)The girls during Medieval times, used to eat strange food items, as it was believed that by doing so, they would dream of their future spouse or lover.

6.)The Saint to which the day has been dedicated brought nothing romantic to be attached to the day, though the earliest association of Valentine's Day with romance goes to the credit of great writer Geoffrey Chaucer, who writes in his Parlement of Foules, 1382, For this was on seynt Volantynys day, Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make?, therefore beginning the tradition.

7.)During 19th century, physicians would prescribe chocolates to their patients, who would pine for a lost love.

8.)The cops of Saudi Arabia banned the sale of anything red or symbolizing love in 2002 and 2008, believing that this is a Christian festival, resulting in a black market of Valentine's Day gifts in 2008, which witnessed an even bigger number of customers.

9.)Apart from lovers, spouses, and sweethearts, the other people who receive maximum number of flowers, cards and gifts on the day are, mothers and teachers.

10.)The University of Maryland, educates the masses and media about the Valentine's day, through its academic experts.

11.)We all have heard the phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve”, but the phrase has actually come from Middle ages, when according to a popular tradition, young men and women would draw chits from a bowl , to know the names of their valentines and then, would wear that name on their sleeve for the entire week

12.)The day is also a great day for the beloved pets of many families, as it has been surveyed that people bring gifts for their pets also on Valentine's Day, in huge numbers.

13.)The famous gifts and cards company Hallmark, launched its first valentine product in 1913.
14.)The Medieval concept of Courtly Love, where male lover would court and praise the beloved through chivalrous deeds and poetry, descended from the ancient traditions associated with Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


What a great time we had Saturday night at the Mardi Gras parade!  I am so fortunate to be a part of a group of people who love to get together and have a great time!

Look!  There's Jenfer, Catalina and TCW...with KK driving!

Asher and Kate walked and handed out beads.

Who is that masked man?  No other than Mr. Asher.  AndyRandy and P Lolly had a great time too!

So fun!  Can't wait until next year...Bigger, Better, Bolder!

Now, let's get together and get the float out of my yard!


Yes, February is my birthday month.  In celebration of that, I want to share the card that Rayray and Wash gave me!  Too funny!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Finally able to upload pictures again!  I'M BACK!

We have had such a fun time getting ready for Mardi Gras to hit Decatur!  The parade is this Saturday in Downtown Decatur.  I really believe our float - "Masquerade" has a great chance of winning a prize!

 Special shout out to the Crewe - Btut, Wino Bill, the Big Dawes, Catalina, J, AndyRandy, Ms. Sweephay, Jenfer, Beasley, Heashly, Lil Debi, Washaway, KK, Kate and Pate, Rayray...
...and we can't forget TCW (on the ladder).

We also can't forget The Pirates who let us build at their place of business.

Everyone come out Saturday and support Mardi Gras in Decatur!  Hope to see you there.

 Laissez les bons temps rouler!