Friday, January 30, 2009

Rayray be's smart

Love the haircut baby!

Ok, I don't get to poke fun at my baby a lot, but this one I just couldn't resist! Y'all know I think Rachel is really Bright and Smart and has it all together. She is studying to be a Molecular Medicinest (inside joke). But, today on the phone:

LL - You were overdrawn in your account this morning by twenty something dollars

R - No way that is possible, I haven't used my debit card in days. I am going to look right now.

LL - Well, I transferred $300 so you would have enough to cover your hotel room tomorrow.

R - See, I have $23....wait

LL- OK Boo - Parentheses around a number mean its negative

R - I thought there would be a negative sign, where is the negative sign!

LL - It's ok, you're Pretty!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


1. "Dr. Seuss coined the word nerd in his 1950 book If I Ran the Zoo."

2. "Guinness World Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from public libraries."

3. "In Puritan times, to be born on a Sunday was considered a sin."

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Gives new meaning to my favorite movie line....

Idea sent in by Donna Michelle (Mickey) Green Ford Malone (she has almost as many names as Salad).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


While in the 6th grade at Oak Park, one day we were all asked to assemble in the Commons. For those of you who have never been to Oak Park, the school is divided up into 3 "Pod" like sections, with 3 hexagonal sections for each pod. The center of a section was called the commons.

Well, on this day, there were some people there to talk to us. Looking back, I believe they were some sort of therapy group or something, checking out our Psyche. Well, the main guy told us to think up a question, any question we would like to know. Well, my mind went right to work. I was going to think up a question that would just stun them. One they would never be able to answer, one that would make the whole 6th grade ponder and think "that Laura Leigh sure is smart to think up something like that."

So, after a few minutes the guy started asking people what their question was. There was one like "Why does it rain?" and "How long to red lights stay red?" and stupid stuff like that. Then, finally he called on me. Boy was I going to stun them!

Guy -And what is your question?
LL - How come when you run over the lines in the road on highway 67 that are warning you of the upcoming stoplight at Country Club do you only hear them when your front tires hit, not your back tires? (Boy did I show them)
Guy - I don't know, next.

No "good question," no "Boy are you a bright child for the 6th grade," - NOTHING.

Then, to top it all off, Jennifer Reeves went next and her question was "Why do people have to die?" Please, I think she even had a tear in one eye. How long did it take her to prepare that?

Give me a freaking break!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Yea! Had my yearly review and all went well (what did you expect?), so to celebrate that, my 40th birthday and Valentiney, Jimmy and I are heading to Nashville for Valentine's weekend! What fun. I can't wait.

The purple building above is Tootsie's Purple Orchid Lounge. It is always our first stop when we go out. Love walking down Broadway and stopping for beers in all the cute little bars. We always end up at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar in Printer's Alley to finish the night! Party On!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dinner Theater

Last Saturday Tim and I went to eat catfish at McCollum's in Decatur. It was around 11:00 am when we arrived. We sat and ordered (him small catfish plate, me catfish and shrimp), and were having light, casual conversation - catching up after working all week.

Well, Radar Ears (me - like Jimmy calls me when I listen to people in bars and resturants) started to hear a commotion in the kitchen. It sounded like the owner (this 125 year old woman, in a bad wig, with long nails and always has a cigarette hanging out of her mouth) and her son (approximately 60 years old and not very bright) were starting an argument. The voices excalated and the words were getting harsher and harsher. Then you started hearing him come to the window where the waitresses place orders and telling them "No more GD tickets, We are closing this place down." Then, "Get the keys and lock the GD door." He then went back to yelling and screaming with his mother among the cooks in the kitchen.

Of course, me and Tim were loving it! Listening to every word. I even told him "I hope they don't quit fighting - this is like dinner theater." Isn't that sick? Well, son comes out of the kitchen and goes into the office which I have a clear view of, and starts unplugging the computer and packing it up along with some other stuff. He comes around to the front and starts telling the waitresses how crazy she (his mother is) and all this stuff. Says the argument started over a mop bucket. While this is going on, Mom exits the kitchen and goes into the office. One of the waitresses is watching her. She leaves the office with somthing stuck under her arm in her fur coat. Tim says "I hope it is not a gun." By this time we had gotten our food (when our waitress delivered it she said "at least y'all got yours) and were thoroughly enjoying it. I told Tim, "If we have to drop to the floor, I am taking my plate with me."

Well, it ends up the Mom had left out the back. The waitress that was watching her tells Son that Mom took all the money bags. He starts wigging out and writing all these stupid little notes on a napkin. Then pulls out a little notebook from his pocket and starts writing in that. After that he starts telling anyone who will listen what medication he has to take. If I heard him say "a baby aspirin" one more time I thought I might shoot him. Realizing that the fun is over we quitly finish our meal and leave.

Wish Ma had come back with the POE POE! ( I know that is definately not how you spell it)

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 22, 2009



Hum....I could only think of three...Lois Lane, Lex Luther, and Laura Leigh (haha).

So, I had to Wikipedia it and find the others. It appears that you probably had not heard of them unless you read the actual comic book. They are: Linda Lee, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and Lucy Lane.

Now we can rest easy.....LOL.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tonight's the Night!!!!!

Yea!!!!! If you are a huge "Lost" fan like me, you have been waiting 9 months for tonight! The night that Lost comes back on for Season 5!!!!! I am so excited. I am also a real nerd when it comes to this show. I keep a notebook and everything! It is pathetic really.

Can't wait to come to work tomorrow and discuss it with Jamie, Lisa M. and Angela. We all really get into it. My phone will be off from 7 to 10 (not really Rachel).


PS I have a confession to make. In the first paragraph when I said I was excited, I was going to use the word syked or siked or psyched, but I couldn't figure out how to spell it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Upside Down Dali

While I was waiting for my camera to charge last week so I could take a picture of the puzzle, i noticed that Rachel's Dali painting (that has been sitting in the living room since we had it framed) looked weird. It didn't take about two seconds for me to realize that it was upside down. I am not sure if it slipped of the desk it is on and Martha (my cleaning lady) set it back up and didn't realize that it was upside down. Or it could have been my brother Larry playing a trick on us at Christmas.

Dali had a wierd since of art. I think he must have been on LSD a lot when he painted. This picture dipicts clocks kind of melting into a pond of water with building like structures under the water....nice huh?

Friday, January 16, 2009


Evil Zlid strikes again!

I had worked on this puzzle all last weekend. The cat didn't have a need to touch it until I went to work on Wednesday. This is what she did! I had not totally finished it, but all the pieces turned upside down were in place, and of course the whole left hand upper corner was done. Tell me again why I love that cat? I guess maybe the love of mischief.

Have a good weekend.

PS - I have since finished the puzzle and it is out of her reach!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner Circa 1986

Crazy Times at Burningtree. Here we are in the kitchen of my childhood home, buzzing off of cheap red wine, waiting for spaghetti. List of characters: Steve Skinner (that is NOT Doug - Denise), David (my brother), Annissa, Thomas, Me, Tim, Denise, and Billy my brother kneeling. It brings back such fond memories. Road trips, drinking Budweiser and eating hot pork rinds. As I mentioned before, playing risk. Bottle rocket battles (it's a wonder we didn't shoot someones eye out!). Playing tricks on Parks Harris. Eating sausage and buscuits my Mom made after getting snowed in.....those were the days. Thomas and Denise are married now, and have been for about 20 year - Gosh, they are old! Ha ha. Sadly, some of those in this picture are gone....but, I know that they are watching me Rachel and I from above, and are very proud of us.

Let's get together and party like we used to, "Spaghetti Gang!"


PS - Look at the Kitchen Witches my mom used to have hanging above the sink. I loved those. Do y'all remember Kitchen Witches?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Useless Info

"Einstein's last words were in German. Because the attending nurse did not understand German, his last words will never be known."

What if his last words were like "pull my finger" - haha

Random and Words of Wisdom from Polly

While driving to work today I saw a sign that said "". The dot was very big on the sign. I started wondering when some idiot would try to name their child Dotcom. I am sure someone somewhere has already done it.

Polly always says "If you have candles in your home, even if they are just for looks, always light them and blow them out at least once. It is tacky to have decorative candles that you can tell have never been burned." She didn't use the word tacky, but something of that nature. There is a candle in the bathroom at work that I need to remember to light and blow out. That white wick is haunting me now.

I went to Princeton's years ago to have drinks with Tim, Carl, Jan and some of their friends. It was right before we went to DHS for them to dedicate the workout building to Tim's Uncle Earl. He was a great football coach for Decatur. Anyway, Rachel and her friend Kristen met us at Princetons. They were at the other end of the table from me sitting by Tim and Carl. All of a sudden I heard Tim and Carl laughing their heads off. Somehow they had been talking about Polly and Kristen informed them that she had taught her something very important. "Most musuems and good hair salons are closed on Mondays."

We must not ever forget.

Love to Polly.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Risk and Useless Info

Did you know that "Australia is considered the easiest continent to defend in the game Risk"? Did you know? I did.

We used to play Risk for hours out at Btree. Most of the time the games would actually go over a period of days. Yeah, those were the days....drinking beer, eating hot pork rinds, watching wrestling and playing Risk. I always tried to get Australia. I would hunker down there, just taking 1 random country each turn so I could get a card, and then transferring my men back to the mouth to Australia. I would wait for all the other players to beat up on each other and then I would come out from Down Under with a kick ass army and, well, kick ass. I would normally be Pink (Commie, pinko facists pigs). Yeah, those were the days.

(We used to always try to get Bob out first because he was annoying and didn't really know how to play well.)

I can't even get anyone to play with me anymore. My brothers Larry and David would play for a while at thanksgiving, but you need at least 4 players to have real excitement.

I am always up for a challange! Love.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, my Birthday is not until Feb 5th, but I could not wait to post this picture! This is my 7th birthday party way back in 1976. From left to right - Kim Snider, Me, Beth Sartain, Tami, Billy and Jennifer Jacobs! All sitting on my bed in my pink and white gingham bed room. Kim is holding a baby she must have brought, because it was not one of mine. Beth is holding "Chrissy". Do y'all member her? Her hair could be long or short with a pull of the cord. Tami is holding Miss Strawberry (mom made her to match my room). Jennifer is holding Mrs. Beautiful (mom made her too, and we had matching outfits).

Tami hated that haircut. A few years later her mom heard her tell some kid that was looking at a picture of her with this haircut, "That's not me, that's my twin brother who died." Tami was crazy! Love her.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Yea! It's Friday. I have been swamped at work this week, so I am looking forward to the weekend. Not much to say, too tired.

Oh - Useless Info - No US President has been an only child. I am sure a situation will come up when that will be useful.

I have a FACEBook account, but have really never used it.....until now. My friend Ellen started a page called "Growing up in Burningtree." I have had a blast reading what everyone is posting...It is really fun. I just found a picture of me and some of the girls with my brother Billy at my 7 year old birthday party. I can't wait to post it here and there. I have to get a good scan of the picture. Y'all are going to die!

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Law Enforcement Gone Crazy

Got an e-mail from Lisa B. today - she loves my blog - so does sister Beth. Anyway, she said I should blog about the recent events that have shook our little town regarding law enforcement officials.

First, the head of the "Organized Crime Unit" (that reminds me of my brother Billy - "don't say the M word") set up his office to make it appear that he had been kidnapped or something. I mean, this made national news. They were searching all over for him, in woods, in bodies of water. The next day he was found in Vegas with $2500 stolen dollars and maybe a stripper too? What is up with that. What did he think he was going to do, go to Vegas and win back money he stole or something. What a dumb ass.

Then last night the Sherrif was arrested by the FBI! National news again! Why, you ask? Obviously he was starving the inmates in the jail. Come to find out, any money saved by him from the food budgeted to feed the inmates goes into his pocket. And over 3 years he has made like $212,000! Can you believe that? What was he serving them a hershey kiss and a piece of dental floss? How rediculus. He should have to pay all of that money back and work in a soup kitchen every weekend for the rest of his life.

What has our little town become. Full of Crooks and Liars and Scum? Next thing you know, we will find out that Osama Bin Laden has been running the Chruch's Chicken on Memorial Drive for the past two years! Lord help us!


Useless Info

Statistically, the safest age of life is ten years old.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This morning as I was driving to work, I experienced something I had not in a long time. My eyes were squinting, there was warmth and rays from above, and then I remembered the star called.....what was it now, oh yeah, THE SUN! I had not seen it in so long I almost forgot! I am so glad the rain stopped for a while. It was becoming a bit much, even for me who loves dark, dreary, rainy days.

My friend Lisa said if it didn't stop raining soon we would all get moldy!

I tried to upload a picture of the sun, but Blogger is having problems. Jsut close your eyes and imagine!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Useless Info

The only bone never to have been broken in a ski accident is one located in the inner ear.

Christmas Shopping with Polly

Ok, I have not shared a story about my Mom for a while, but that does not mean we have not been having interesting times over Christmas. Here goes one for you....

I was going shopping the Saturday morning before Christmas. Mom wanted to go with me. I said "OK, but here is where I am going and I have to look for whatever, and I don't want you rushing me." She assures me that she is at my disposal and will in no way interfere with my ability to shop peacefully. (Remember the Great Shopping Fiasco November 2008?)

On the way to bank street she asks what all am I looking for. Without thinking, I share with her that I still need to get the babies more stuff, get Rachel's picture framed, get Jimmy's sister and her family something, etc. She picks up on Jimmy's sister (she has met Jodie before as a visiting artist to the school where mom taught) and asks what I plan to get them. Remeber y'all, Jodie and her husband and son are blind. I told her that Jodie wanted cooking stuff. "What kind of cooking stuff?" she asks. "I don't know, but I will know when I see it," was my response.

Well, we went to Behind the Glass and all went well. (I won't get into the change story) Then on to Wykers for some toys. Next, we went to the candy shop because I was where they had Decatur High School ornaments. That's where it all started.

Mom - (to the sales clerk) - "I am looking for a cooking ornament"
Clerk - Hum, a cooking ornament, I am not sure we have an ornament about cooking.
Mom - It is for a friend of mine.
Clerk - oh

Now, I am thinking, who in the hell is she getting a cooking ornament for? She didn't mention that she was looking for a cooking ornament when we were in the car.....surely to goodness she is not thinking about Jodie. I didn't mention an ornament at all.

Mom - Yeah, just a little something about cooking, oh, and they are blind too

OK, I lost it.

LL - "You do not need a cooking ornament for a blind person....I never mentioned an ornament, it is not even your gift to by, I told you I would know it when I saw it, are you ready to go home already?!!!!!!?????!!!"

Mom to the clerk - "Well, it is really for a friend of my daughters, haha."

As Charlie Brown would say "AARRRRRGGGHHHH"

Say prayers for me.

Monday, January 5, 2009


...I mean Laura Leigh.

I know all of you are just as excited as I am that Monday, January 5th is here so we can go back to work. (Don't kill me) Gosh it is hard to get back in the swing of things.

I had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas. I was sick with the crud that is going around. Boy, is that some bad stuff. I only know a handful of people who haven't gotten it.

Don't have much to kicked me hard today. I will have lot's of interesting posts in 2009! Rachel gave me a book and a calendar on useless information! Talk about 1000's of blogs!!!
Class on useless information starts tomorrow! Bet you can't wait!