Thursday, November 29, 2012


"He gets his temper from his daddy.  He's got my eyes.  All that science stuff, that comes from Jesus."

"You know how your daddy used to say that you could only fish for so long before you gotta throw a stick of dynamite in the water?"

"Lord, Mary Cooper here coming to you from "Gomorrah", California."

"I love the boy to death, but he has been difficult since he fell out of me at the Kmart."

 "Leonard, the Lord never gives us more than we can handle.  Thankfully he blessed me with two other children who are dumb as soup."

(to Raj)  "I made chicken.  I hope that isn't one of the animals that you people think is magic."

(to Penny, about Sheldon's favorite dessert, cobbler)
Penny:  This is the best cobbler ever.
Mary:  It was always Sheldon's favorite - you know what the secret ingredient is?
Penny:  Love?
Mary:  Lard

Special thanks to Lisa TutB, guest blogger for today!  Thanks for the quotes

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


~  The hummingbird's favorite color is red, which is why most hummingbird feeders are either red of have some red on them.

~  Merle Haggard was an inmate in the San Quentin audience at Johnny Cash's very first prison concert in 1958.  He later said Cash's performance inspired him to pursue a singing career.

~  Nebraska is the only state to have had its Post Office abbreviation changed since 1963, when two-letter postal designations were introduced.  In 1969, at the request of Canadian postal authorities, it was changed from NB to NE to avoid confusion with the province of New Brunswick.

~  You can see a full size replica of Christopher Columbus's flagship, the Santa Maria in Columbus, Ohio.  It was built to commemorate the 500th anniversary in 1992 of Columbus's historic voyage.

~  In a portrait that hangs over the fireplace in the Playboy Mansion library, Hugh Hefner is dressed to resemble Henry VIII.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Washaway's Wreck

Many of you may not know, but Wash was involved in an accident last week in the red Honda.  No one was hurt.  He had stopped at a stop sign and someone hit him in the back quarter panel when he proceeded to go.

Long story short...I just found out that the other driver's insurance will either fix Little Red Riding Hood or send us a check if they just total it out.

Hoping for a check!  Then we will be shopping for a replacement car for Wash.  I have not even notified my insurance yet, hoping the blame (as it should) fell on the other driver.

Chalk one up for the good guys....Oh, and Wash!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hope you all have a Happy, relaxing Thanksgiving!  I will not blog this week, but see you next week with hopefully lots to share!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


~  Asbestos is also known as salamander's wool.  The misnomer is based on the ancient superstition that salamanders were not flammable, and the belief that fire-resistant garments had been woven from salamander skin when, in fact, they had been made with asbestos.

~  The only theme song from a James Bond movie to hit No. 1 on American pop singles chart is "A View to a Kill," in 1985, by Duran Duran.

~  An acersecomic person is one who has never cut their hair.

~  President Lyndon B. Johnson used Marine helicopters to here the flock of peacocks he kept on his ranch in Johnson City, Texas.

~  During Yom Kipper (the Day of Atonement), observant Jews will attend 5 religious services...the first just prior to sunset on the eve of the holiday, two more the following morning, another that afternoon, and the last as sunset again approaches.


Rayray and I had a discussion about how people turn into zombies on "The Walking Dead."  Just to set the record straight (and prove I was correct) here is the answer about a zombie bite according to the series producer...

When a zombie bites a victim, the victim contracts a deadly illness, ultimately resulting in the victim's death and reanimation. Zombie scratches can also infect a victim with a deadly illness. Zombie bites are not how the "infection" is spread. Instead, zombie bites and saliva cause infections that are 100% fatal.

Symptoms of infection: Edit

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Hallucinations
  • Vomiting
  • Pale skin
  • Dialated eyes
  • Delirium
  • Soreness (e.g. Jim in the TV Series episode, "Wildfire")
  • Fluid discharge

The only way a victim can survive a zombie bite/scratch is to quickly amputate the part of the body that has been affected. The length of time that an amputation must be performed in to successfully save a victim from the illness taking hold is unknown, and seems to vary based on the circumstances of the situation. In the comic book, Dale is the only character known to have survived this process while both Morgan Jones and Allen died of either blood loss, bacterial infection or clots (unknown due to a constant lack of professional opinion). In the TV series, Hershel Greene is bitten on the leg by a zombie in the first episode of season three. Attempting to save Hershel's life, Rick amputates Hershel's leg, and it is later revealed that Hershel survives the event.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


~  Experts believe that Marco Polo mistook a rhino for a unicorn during his Asian travels.

~  There are four European Capitals located on the Danube River - Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; Budapest, Hungary; and Belgrade, Serbia.

~  The wingspan (armspan?) of 6-foot-4 swimming sensation Michael Phelps is 6 feet 7 inches.

~  William Shakespeare was the first commoner pictured on a British stamp.  It was in 1964 to commemorate the national Shakespeare Festival as it marked the 400th anniversary of his birth.

~  The mongoose is a natural enemy of the cobra (DUHHH who didn't see Riki Tiki Tavi?).  It is so quick and agile it can bite a cobra on the back of its neck with its powerful jaws before the snake can defend itself.


 Who is the best at celebrating Halloween?  WE ARE!  What lengths we will go to in order to please trick-or-treaters!  Yes, we donned costumes this year...can you guess what we were?  This picture is priceless!  TCW as the Tim Man, J BD as the Lion, Btut as Dorothy, L BD as the Wicked Witch and me as the Scare Crow.  We don't know anybody that was "good" enough to be Glenda!  haha  Love my friends.

And, it wouldn't be Halloween without flaming pumpkins!  We really know how to celebrate!

Love L BigDawes in this pic!