Thursday, April 30, 2009


...for an exciting weekend! My friend Jamie is getting married in Mobile. Jimmy and I are going down tomorrow and returning on Sunday! I can't wait! It has been so long since we took a trip together...we are going to have a great time.

We are staying at The Battlehouse Hotel. It was built in 1871. It is beautiful in these pictures!

I have not been to Mobile to party before. We should have a great time. I should have lots of good stories and pictures when I return! Have a good weekend.
P.S. Rachel, behave yourself.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yes I am. If you have ever been around me for 5 minutes within the last 4 years, you know that the one thing I want more than anything (except World Peace, Healthy child, etc) is a swimming pool. My friend Lynn is constructing this monstrosity in her back yard! Can you believe her? It would look so much better on Pennylane!
Look at the cool deep end. I don't want to have a deep end in my pool. No diving....just rest and relaxation. I am going to get like a weird shaped pool, all the same depth, with maybe a waterfall accent. Yes, I am going all out....looks like Lynn is too.

Here motto is obviously "bigger is better." Jealous much, Laura Leigh? "YES"

Now, don't have hard feelings towards Lynn. She know not what she does....sharing these with me. I am just kidding...I asked her to take pictures so I could post them. Hell, who knows, I might just thrill and bless her and her family with my presence in a bathing suit this summer! I can hear them now....."MY EYES, MY EYES!"


Friday, April 24, 2009

Survivor Rocks!

This image has nothing to do with this post, I just thought it was cute!

Gosh, Survivor was good last night. Even though Coach (dumbass - see previous post) is still there, Tyson got blindsighted bigger than heck! It was great to watch their faces as it unfolded! Tyson figured he would get Sierra's vote, but when vote number 2 came along his eyes got big, he looked at Coach for some sign (all Coach could do was look back at him stupidly), and then he was tied with 3 votes - the look was priceless! Loved it.

Emmy-award winning TV!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


On Saturday, Tim and Jennifer and I went to Shaw's Catfish in Priceville for lunch. It had just opened up a couple of weeks ago. The owner's did own the Catfish Cabin in Decatur for many years, but were forced to close when the landlord did not renew their lease (seems the Hyunda or Mazda dealership was more important - imagine that - more important than good catfish? Never). Anyway, then, they bought Shaw's Catfish in Holly Pond, AL, and had been working down there for years. Now, they have opened another Shaw's in Priceville - right at the top of the mountain in front of the Horse Arena. We went, we ate, we burped, and we had to unbutton our jeans! It was delicious!
Our waitress seemed a little tired. She explained that they served over 300 people the night before. I can see why - yummy food and most all I ate was fried, FRIED, FRIED!

Fried pickles for an appetiser, fried whole catfish, fried shrimp, fried potatoes (french fries). Oh, I did have a vegetable - SLAW!! And I guess tea could be considered an herb. Tim and Jennifer said the fried green tomatoes were real good. The hushpuppies were out of this world. They even had something called fried bread. We were asking so many questions, the owner just came out of the kitchen and started telling us all about stuff! It was great, and I have mentioned - the food was real good! Prices are great!

so, Go, Eat, Burp, Unbutton your will be glad you did.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disturbing News

I heard a disturbing rumor that Soul Burger - you know "Taking It Back to the Old Days" - is closing its doors this Friday. It is a sad, sad day. If you have never been, please try to go this week. It is a little hole in the wall off of Triana. They have a website with directions. Not good for a big party - only seats about 16 at a time. You will never eat a better burger. And talk about Dinner Theater. The owner, Kathy, is hilarious! You will see what I mean.

Yum, yum, I can taste it now. We are planning on going Thursday.
Soul Burger RIP! We will miss you.


Hey Everybody (all two of you - JK). I was sitting here thinking that I needed to blog because I didn't yesterday. I was really not feeling the Blog, trying to think of a subject that did not make me look like a crazy, mad, frustrated 40 year old. Then, my sweet baby Jimmy sent me these Easter Bunnies! OK, OK, I uploaded the pictures in the wrong order, but I am not going to do it again, so just hang on for the ride!

After a long day of playing, Easter egg hunting, and eating candy, it was time for the cousins to say goodbye until next time. Tatum and Luke in a hug...
Tatum at the botanical gardens in Bham. She is going to be a handful!


Tate and Luke blow bubbles. (That's Uncle Blue in the background, or at least his belly.)

Happy cousins spending Easter together....I remember them in this playhouse last year on Easter. My how time flies!
Happy Spring to Everyone!!!
***Coming soon, an introduction to Shaw's Catfish!

Friday, April 17, 2009


The man on the left in black is "Coach" on Survivor.....I can not stand him.
He is such an immature moron! You would not believe the crap that comes out of his mouth:

"You can't look up the martial arts that I do because it won't be there. You have to be taught it by a tribesman" - LL says or make it up yourself.

"I am a maestro and a soccer coach so I spend a lot of time on private jets flying all around the country." - LL says bullshit.

"I had a military helicopter drop me off on the Peruvian border of the rain forrest....I was abducted my indigenous 4 1/2 foot tall people. They tied me to a stake and beat me with clubs. I went in and out of consciousness....I finally slipped out of the ropes and kayaked down the river until my hands bled." - LL says or you're so damn ignorant you actually believe the other adults believe what you are saying. No one there believes any of his stories. His stories are ridiculous.

Two good quotes that sum up his mentality.

"Be the wizard" said to Stephen as he went to Exile Island.

"He is the dragon and I am the dragon slayer" repeated several times in last nights episode.

I finally looked at Tim and said, "the scary thing is, that there is really people like that allowed to roam the world freely. When this is over he should be castrated so he can not reproduce."

Two things I guess about him:

1. He has no grown up friends
2. He probably still lives with his mother (she is the only one who believes him because she has dementia)

I really can't stomach him. I watched last night just knowing that he was going home....BUT HE DIDN'T! I don't know if I can even watch next week with him still on there. I hate to say, but maybe he will fall and hurt himself and have to leave.

Please join "Team Anti-Coach"

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get on my nerves!!!!!

I don't know why, but some things just really bug me. I have already shared the "Recession hits Angel Soft" problem with you. There are a couple of other things that I would like to get off my chest.

I can not stand it when businesses use a "K" instead of a "C". For example: Klassic Kar Kare, or Klassic Kutz (I would never have my hair cut here). Don't know why it bugs me, but it does. Whoever started this trend is probably named Karla. I don't think I like her.

I also don't like when I go to, let's say, McDonalds. I ask if you want anything and you say no. Then, as I am starting to eat my delicious french fries you start eating them too. I already asked if you wanted anything!!!

I always, always, always have to remake my sandwiches and burgers. I like for everything to be evenly distributed on the bread. You would think the person putting the sandwich together would care that all the turkey is on the left side and all the lettuce is on the right. It's called layers people! You just can't hire good help anymore!

I can't stand the name Cynthia because of a girl in high school. If your name is Cynthia, we can probably not be friends - sorry. (just kidding)

I am in a bad mood. But sometimes I like it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Featured Artist - Andrew Wyeth

Yea! New category added to Blog: Featured Artist! I can just feel your enthusiasm! (not) Ok, Ok, I will keep them short, and sparse....but I do like to share things I love. And who knows, you might find yourself enjoying it. I won't do a bio of the artist, or anything like that, just show you some pictures that have a special place in my heart.

Andrew Wyeth was the first exhibit that I carried Rachel to when she was 5 years old. We both fell in love with his work.

This is "Master Bedroom" and is my favorite painting in the whole wide world ever!!!! I love this scene. When I look at it, it relaxes me, makes me feel good inside. You have probably seen this before.

This is "Christine's World" and you have probably seen it too. It is one of his most famous. He lived with Christine and her brother in the farmhouse you see in the background for a long time. She had polio.
This is "Groundhogs Day" (below - my spacing is acting up) not sure why it is called that, and this picture does not do it justice. The wallpaper on the walls is so intricate in the painting.

This is "Wind from the Sea" another favorite of mine. The detail of the lace is unbelievable. You can almost feel the wind on your face. Lovely.

And you probably all remember "Helga" not one of my favorites of his, but it did make him famous.

Now, was that so painful? Thank you for coming along for the ride. I promise not to do another "Featured Artist" for at least two weeks.


...I have fun making up the # on the useless info title. I am easily amused.

~ During his entire life, van Gogh sold only one painting, "Red Vineyard at Arles." (above)

~ Mel Blanc, who voiced Bugs Bunny, was allergic to carrots.

~According to the ceremonial customs of Orthodox Judaism, it is officially sundown when you cannot tell the difference between a black thread and a red thread. (interesting)

~ A librocubicularist is someone who reads in bed. (Me)

~ According to Genesis 1:20-22, the chicken came before the egg.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I took Mickey and my Mom to see "Wicked" for their birthday's this Saturday. We had such a nice time. Ate at the Mellow Mushroom in 5 Points Birmingham, and then went to the play. And let me just say, "Wicked" was, well, WICKED! I loved it! It is the story of the Wicked Witch of the West (and East) and Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, but it tells you the story of their young lives and all the events that led up to what you know from The W of O. It was wonderful!

Here is a picture of Glenda and Elphaba. The two actors we saw were brilliant. Glenda is portrayed as a dumb blonde....she was hillarious. The story even explains why Elphaba was green. There are so many twists and turns that add to the story.

The stage and costumes were gorgeous! It was all so ALIVE! (and green)

This scene gave me chill bumps. It was so exciting! The special effects were great. This is where Elphaba decides she is going to fight the Wizard. And what is weird is you are on here side, not the Wizard - he really turns out to be a bad guy.
I read the book before going. It was a hard read, but very good. The play is a lot different, the ending is totally different, but having read it, I understood the characters and was able to enjoy it that much more.
If you get a chance to see "Wicked" please do. I know I will see it again. I can't wait to take Rachel!
Happy Monday

Friday, April 10, 2009


Me and my furry friends want to wish you and your families a very Happy Easter. Wishing you many blessings. Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.

This poor setter just know this is wrong, wrong, wrong. Poor guy. He is ready to eat that bunny.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gremlins or Polly? You guess.

OK, here is how it is. My sweet, kind mom goes to my house during the day to let Spikey out to do his business. Then she let's him back in until I get home. Until I can afford to "Spike" proof the back fence, this will work out fine. I can always tell if Mom has been "looking" around when I get home. I can especially tell if she helps herself to a little snack. And, don't get me wrong, of course I totally do not care...she could eat anything she wants at my house. The problem is, she does not leave items the way she found them. For example....check out the back of jelly beans below....
...there is a good 5" area of air trapped in the bag. Yes, she resealed the bag, but trapped all the air inside. Excuse me, but isn't air what makes things go stale. I know, I know, jelly beans are not going to go stale for about 8 months, but still...the bag should be properly closed like this:

Here is another example of what I am talking about, and in this case, it would make a difference if air is in the bag. Now, this is a re-enactment....The names have been changed to protect the identity of the innocent. Remember, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Viewer discression is advised. (I know I am crazy!) I actually stumbled upon the pretzel bag last week.
OK, this is an didn't have the clip to the side and a gaping hole at the top, but it was just clipped at the very top, with about 8 to 9" of air trapped in the bag.
LL: Mom did you eat some pretzels?
M: No, wait, yes, how did you know. Did I not seal them up? (she knows herself so well)
LL: You sealed them, but with a whole lot of air in the bag.
M: Oh, well....
LL: But, that is what will make them stale - the air.
M: I know that
(exaggerated photo from disgruntled pretzel bag owner below)
This is what the bag actually looked like.....pitiful. Took a good five hours of freshness out of my Snyder's of Hanover Sourdough Nibblers. Shame
Just to let you know, I had taken a picture of a properly closed Pretzel bag, but I can only upload 5 pictures per blog. You will have to wait until another time, or drop by and I will show you how the task should be performed. In case you have an emergency, e-mail me.
Love - Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recession hits ANGEL SOFT!

(This is how my dog looks at me after I have been taking pictures of the toilet paper)
Ok, lets get down to business. I guess the recession has hit the people at Angel Soft. I have been buying this toilet paper for, well, I guess as long as I have been buying toilet paper. Sure, sometimes I would try other brands, but I always ended up going back to and being very satisfied with Angel Soft....until now.
The last two twelve packs I have bought have been different. Bad different. I thought the first one was odd because none of the rolls were glued down to the cardboard roll in the center. It made it very strange to try to roll off some paper. I noticed that with this twelve pack, each individual roll really has no integrity....see how the second one is just bent up....and it is because of this.....

....I believe they are rolling a lot less paper on the roll now. There are gaping holes in the paper when you squeeze it just a little. That should not happen. Yes, they are rolling a lot less paper, but not rolling it as tight so that the roll appears (to the naked eye) to be as big as it has been. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

I mean just look....push it a little and look at all of the emptiness - air throughout the roll. Give me a break! Don't mess around with my toilet paper!
Any suggestions on what brand I should try next or where I can get a life?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's been a while....

....since I blogged. I am having the hoo-hum-drums. I started taking Chantix again to stop smoking (again), and it really seems to be affecting me oddly this time. Not only is it curbing my desire to smoke, it is also curbing any passion, emotion, good feelings, creativity. I have just been a blob for the past couple of days. I am not going to stop taking my Chantix, though. I really need it to stop smoking.

Like I mentioned, I haven't felt like doing much. My Mom's bday was Friday and me, her and Rachel went to Caldwell's Grill (don't have to go back - I am such a food snob). That was fun. I went to a bridal shower on Saturday. That was fun. Tim and I ate at Pizza Hut on Sunday. That was good and fun. And that is about it for the weekend. Jenfer made it back from New York. I was so glad that her and Kadie (I first typed Dakie - I think that will be her new nickname) got to go. Kadie made me this card for my birthday one year. I liked it so much I bought a frame and hung it in my kitchen. Thanks Dakie!
Wish me luck on quiting smoking, and say a prayer for me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speaking of Ringo....

...she made this for me. She is so creative! It says "You may forget the kind words you say today, but the receiver will cherish them forever." Great words to live by.

She also made me this fish. It is long - almost 2'. It hangs over the door out of the kitchen to the carport. I see it every time I leave my house. It makes me smile. It is a one of a kind work of art. Get it, there is not another one like it in the world! The silver part is actual metal that the fashioned to the wood fish. It even has metal teeth! and a glass eye!
Now, all ya'll have to do is make something for my house and I will do a special blog spot on you! (LOL - kidding)
Thanks Ringo!

Why do I blog?

Why did I start this blog? I don't know....why do I not drink through a straw in a resturant?....why do I say birfday and fumb (thumb) even though I am 40 years old?....why when asked a question about a number I always say seventeen-fifty?....why do I say settle up instead of settle down?....BECAUSE I AM CRAZY!

No, really, I started blogging after my friend Jamie did. Her blog inspired me; I thought it would be fun. (By the way, I update my blog A LOT more often than Jamie updates hers - she has gone almost a MONTH without an update!!!!) What would my loyal readers do if I didn't blog for a month?

Which brings me to the reason I have continued to blog....I have so many friends that read it and tell me they love it! Thanks so much for being supportive!

Special shout out to Ringo and my follower from South Alabama!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


~ Vegetarians make up 4 percent of the U.S. population

~ In the U.S., more Frisbees are sold each year than baseballs, basketballs, and footballs combined.

~ Al Capone's famous scars (which earned him the nickname "Scarface") were the result of an attack. The brother of a girl he had insulted attacked him with a knife, leaving him with three distinctive scars. (bet he sleeps with the fishes)

~ M&Ms stands for the last names of Forrest Mars Sr., the sweet maker, and his associate, Bruce Murrie. The candy was developed so soldiers could eat sweets without getting their fingers sticky.