Friday, July 31, 2009


I am approaching a milestone in my blogging career. It is funny how I have not been keeping up with my number of blogs. I am approaching a big number soon. This is blog 293, so BLOG 300 is coming! I can't believe it. I already know what I am going to blog about. I might go ahead and write a draft this weekend! I also can't believe that I missed the opportunity to make a big deal about blog #50, 100, 150, 200, 250!

Oh well, life goes on.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last night's episode of "True Blood" really knocked my socks off! It was full of such energy, violence, sex, suspense....I can't wait until next Sunday to see what happens. If you don't watch "True Blood" sorry.

It is a love story between Sookie Stackhouse and Vampire Bill (he is hot).

They can get themselves into some really sticky situations.

Sookie's closests friends are Tara (who has anger issues) and Tara's cousin Lafayette (he is a homosexual that sells "V" on the side). "V" is vampire blood, and you should see what it can do to you! I particularly love the scene right before this. Sookie's gran had passed away, and Tara said "Everybody out of the house. That includes you too, Sam. What Sookie needs is some girl time. Come on Lafayette." Then her and Lafayette joined Sookie upstairs.

This is Eric. He is Sherriff of Sector 9 where Bill is trying to mainstream. He owns a bar called "Fangtasia." He is HOT! My fave on the show. Sorry the picture is so small.

This is Sam Merlotte. He owns the bar where Sookie and Tara work. He is also a shape-shifter. He can change into a dog. After watching this week's episode, Sam is in deep poo with Maryanne. Maryanne is a maenad....a worshipper of the God of Anger and Lust. And boy, can you tell she has the power of lust under control. This past episode was almost like something you would have to go into the back room of the movie store to rent! No wonder I love it!

If you do not watch "True Blood" I noticed today you can get it on Netflix.
"Before the night is through, I want to do bad things with you." Love the music too!


OK, I must admit, my cat is a little off. I love her dearly, but she really has a screw loose. Right before I took this picture, she was sitting there looking up at me all pitiful wanting food. Well, her food bowl was full. I said, "You have food, Silly." She kept meowing. Finally, I reached in her bowl, took out some of the food was in there, and placed it back in the bag (Orange IAMS bag seen below). Crazy thing started eating like there was no tomorrow! Love her!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


~ At age 47, the Rolling Stones' bassist, Bill Wyman, began a relationship with 13 year old Mandy Smith, with her mother's blessing. Six years later, they were married, but the marriage only lasted a year. Not long after, Bill's 30 year old son, stephen, married Mandy's mother, age 46. That made Stephen a stepfather to his former stepmother.

~The word honeymoon comes from the Babylonians, who declared mead, a honey-flavored wine, the official wedding drink, stipulating that the bride's parents be required to keep the groom supplied with the drink for the month following the wedding.

~The first computer ever made was called ENIAC. A silicon chip a quarter-inch square has the capacity of the original 1949 ENIAC computer, which occupied a city block.

~ The average person looks at 8 houses before buying one.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I was so looking forward to posting a picture of Tim here from the party. I should have done it first thing this morning. He has reviewed the pictures and forbade me from posting any of him in the faux snake skin suit, pimp hat, gold bling, etc.

But, just as an aside, I always carry my camera with me, so the next time you see me, please ask me to show you the pictures.

Rock On,

Friday, July 24, 2009


Alright, it is time for me to really come clean. I guess I am getting all of the spider webs out of my closet. You should feel very lucky you read my blog today. I have already come clean that I am probably fixing to start stalking Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame), and now, I need to let you know that I am addicted. Yes, that is right, I am addicted to my new little toy, the Nintendo DSi.
I have been playing games like crazy. I can't wait to go home and play on this little machine. I have let very important activities slide...especially watching my favorite TV shows (and you know I have a lot of them). This is how crazy it has gotten. Last night I tore myself away to watch Big Brother at Tim's with Tim, Beth, and Andy. I watched 49 minutes of the show and had two of the girls names switched. I bet they thought I was a loon when the contestants kept voting to evict Laura and I was like, "Damn, that is the one I like." When in actuality, I can't (or couldn't stand her). Then I had to admit that I had the names mixed up. This is already the 8th show. I have been letting my duties as an experienced television show watcher slide because I am sitting on my couch playing Slingo, Super Mario Brothers, Chicken Shoot......the list goes on and on.

Pray for me.


Took a long lunch with Lisa M. today and went to see the new Harry Potter movie! Boy, was it great. And yes, I am a geek and have read all the books. As a matter of fact, I just finished the last book this Spring. I am not ashamed! I love me some Harry Potter.

And let me tell you something else I am not ashamed of....Harry Potter is HOT! I mean SMOKING! Daniel Radcliffe has really grown up to be quite interesting! Now I wish I could go see the play he was in (Equidox I think) in England where he was sans clothes!

This scene was hilarious! Ron is getting ready to play quidditch and he is scared, so he already has his helment on at breakfast. Hahaha...I know you feel it to. (Did I just write that?)

Love Your Harry Potter loving, nerd, geeky, but you know you like me, friend,

Laura Leigh

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday morning I was driving to work and had stopped at a red light on Church St. near the grainery. There were no other cars there, and my window cracked. I thought to myself, "Just listen to what you her right now."

I heard a dog barking off in the distance, a garbage truck backing up so the beeps were going, I could hear a train on the tracks past 2nd Avenue. Then, I even heard the light switch to green, you know, the chk-chk sound.

Overall, it was a very peaceful moment. I felt more relaxed for some reason. It was kind of weird.

You should try it sometime.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


~ Ivory bar soap was not meant to float. The manufacturer had mixed the formula incorrectly, which caused the excess air bubbles that made the soap float. Customers wrote the company and told them how much they loved that the soap popped up to the surface and never got lost.

~ When CBS broadcast the first television show in color, no one other than CBS owned a color television set.

~ Kermit the Frog was named after Kermit Scott, a childhood friend of Jim Henson's, who became a professor of philosophy at Purdue University. Kermit has eleven points on the collar around his neck and is left handed.

~ Maine is the only state whose name is just one syllable.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yummy Dinner From the Garden

Jenfer did it again. We had dinner at her house last night. Almost everything came from the garden. All did but the lima beans and cornbread. Doesn't the table look nice?
We had cornbread, sliced tomatoes (they were absolutely delish), baby lima beans, corn....

...fried okra, fried squash, squash pickles, green tomato casserole....and of course, sweet tea.

I had a full belly and a happy plate shen it was all said and done.

Oh, and no one liked the okra can't you tell. No, not one bit! It was so yummy, thanks again Jenfer.


Friday night was Tami and David's last night in town....and boy, did we do it up right.

Had a wonderful dinner and Mark and Hiltons. I won't go into all the good food we ate, because my next blog is about food.

Here are Tami, Hilton, Me and BJ.
Hilton and Jimmy watching Rossy swim.

Jimmy and BJ. We had some wonderful times together at her house in Burningtree before she moved. Much love here.

Jimmy, Hilton, me and Mark.
A great time was had by all, and no one was injured during the taking of these pictures! haha. Though after this last picture, taken by Tami, she did drop my camera right into her wine glass. Her reaction "take a picture!" - my reaction "get my damn camera out of your wine!" The camera is fine by the way...thanks for asking.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I ate Fig Newton's for breakfast today, out of the vending machine at work. I eat them often because I like them and they are not too filling. Well, I think the vending machine guy is trying to kill me. After I had finished the contents of the wrapper, I noticed this......
...."Best when used by 24 NOV 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say "yum. yum?" If you know me, you know what a freak I am about eating old stuff. I think my stomach is starting to cramp!
Have a good weekend!


... or should I say, IT CALLED! We gathered at the Hard Dock last night for a get together with Tami. Boy, what fun we had. I only noticed 4 groups of people get up and leave. It was like we were the only ones there. Yes, we were THAT group last night!

List of suspects (from left to right): Annissa Roby, Jimmy (my boyfriend), me, Lana Wooten, Beth Tut, Stacie Chambers, Lisa TutB (remember, like Hoda Kotb), Stacy Peyton, Steve B (Lisa's husband), Tami and David.

Lana was a hoot. I wonder if she is the only girl in high school that was asked, politely I am sure, "Wouldn't you be happier if you quit JUG?" JUG was a sorority at DHS. I am sure she was not the ONLY one asked to leave JUG, but she is definately the poster child for it!

Annissa, Beth and Me. I have known Annissa for most of my life, at least since I was 5. We grew up out at Burningtree together. Met Beth at Oak Park. We are lucky to all have life long friends. You know, some people really don't? It is hard to believe.

Stacie, Lana Tami, and Stacy. We were a LIVE bunch last night.

Here is Beth and my lover. And no, Jimmy is not pulling a Fred Sanford. "Elizabeth, I am coming to join you."
Tami and David have been here this week, and boy am I worn out. Dinner tonight, and then I am going to sleep/lounge until Monday morning. Man, I am old.
Love you guys, had a great time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


~ At any given time, there are eighteen hundred thunderstorms in progress over the earth's atmosphere.

~ According to the Texas Department of Transportation, one person is killed annually while painting stripes on the state's highways.

Sea sponges are used in drugs for treating asthma and cancer.

Loius XIV bathed once a year. He had forty personal wigmakers and almost one thousand wigs.

A poem

His name is Samwich,
He likes to swear,

Her name is Tori,
She likes a dare.

When they get together,
She braids his hair....

...and his goatee.

Monday, July 13, 2009


My Mom found the cutest book in 1991 called "A Southern Belle Primer, or Why Princess Margaret will never be a Kappa Kappa Gamma." It is really hilarious! I have given copies many times as gifts. You can still buy it on Amazon for $9.37.
Anyway, one of my favorite excerpts from the book is "The Mayonnaise Girls vs. the Salad Dressing Girls."
Here it is:
Good Southern belles don't put dark meat in their chicken salad and they don't put Miracle Whip on their tomato aspic. In fact, they would never have Miracle Whip in their refrigerators. They use mayonnaise---real homemade mayonnaise. If this isn't available, Hellmann's "store bought" is a good substitute (although you might add a little lemon). Belles are not so pure in other areas: they use a lot of condensed soup mix, Cool Whip, and Marshmallow Fluff. But when it comes to mayonnaise, they are unbending.
"But I love Miracle Whip," a woman who has lived in Memphis for thirty-five years told her friends over bridge.
"My dear," one of the answered. "You were born in the Midwest, and it shows."
You got to love it!


I made this yummy veggie spread out of Cotton Country (the best cookbook in the whole wide world, in case you didn't know). Now, if you don't like mayonaise, you should probably refrain. You can use any fresh veggies you like. I follow the directions and use tomatoes, green pepper, cucumbers, onions, and celery.
Now, this part might sound gross, but it is really good. Trust me. You mix mayo and Knox gelatin. And if any of you know me, the ONLY mayo I even recognize is HELMANS! The absolute best.!
I will tell you a little pet peeve of mine about Hellmans, though. Most recipes will call for 2 cups or 16 OZ of mayo. But look here....Hellmans medium jar is only 15 oz. I assume they are doing that so you will have to go ahead and buy the bigger jar. Pretty smart on their part, but it does kind of irk me. Understand, though, not enough to make me even consider using another kind.

Then you just fold the veggies into the mayo mix, pop into the frig and let it congel. See how much ceramic blue-white kitty loves it.

Yummy, yummy, yummy! I prefer it best on Triscuits!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bad, Bad, Driver

Ok...I just had to take a picture of this grey Toyota Camery. Whoever this is can not drive! He kept putting on his brakes for no reason, then going 40 MPH, then slowing to 15.
He was driving like such an idiot, it was hard for me to take these pictures while I was driving.
So, while driving the streets of Decatur, just remember, I am out there, and I have a camera! You don't want to be on the wall of shame like this idiot!

Have a great weekend. I will try not to "click" and drive too much!


This guy at my work turned 30 yesterday. His boss and two co-workers did this to him. These are red solo cups outside his door......
...and these are about 1000 styrofoam cups on every flat surface in his office. And guess what? The white ones are full of water! Isn't that crazy...he couldn't just go in and kick the cups out of his way. He had to painstakingly take the time to empty a few at a time, making a path to his desk. Loved IT!
Have a good weekend


The first question is: Why would anyone take the time to figure out what the average peanut M&M weighs? I don't know either, but me and Brad thought it was a good idea at the time. We lead a very exciting life on Pennylane you know. Anyway, it is 2.2 grams.
Second question: Why were these scales on my kitchen table? I have no idea and don't want to know.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tell me about it sister....

I got an e-mail from Lisa TutB (my new nickname for her - I like it, it is like Hoda Kotb on NBC), anyway, I was just going to post her e-mail, but I didn't want to offend anyone. Then I thought I would just X-out all the real bad stuff, but that would only leave about 14 words out of 150. I am sure you can imagine the content and tone of her note! With all the hoopla about MJ going on, I (along with Lisa TutB's encouragement) thought it would be nice to remember others who past away the week of June 20-27 whose memories have all but been pushed aside so the world could morn "the gloved one."

Beautiful Farrah - Lisa TutB "...who worked tirelessly to encourage cancer treatments and looked for new ones until the day she died....
...Ed Mcmahon, a decorated WWII hero.....
...or Karl Malden also a decorated war hero."

It really is a shame that these people did not get the recognition they deserved. But, that is what our world is coming to. Kind of depressing.
You were right Lisa TutB, not very inspiring!
PS: Wonder how long it will take before someone claims to have seen "the mighty MoonWalker" at a KFC? Shouldn't be long now.