Monday, August 31, 2009


Btut, sister of Lisa Tutb had her 40th birthday party Saturday. It was at Andy-Randy's house, and Andy had decorated the yard with all these old crows. We had a lot of fun swimming, eating, drinking beer (of course). Happy Birthday Beth, and thanks for throwing the party, Andy.

Here is Beth and her walker. She opened her presents sitting on a potty chair! I didn't get pictures of that, but I will. I can just imagine the post I will use those pictures in!
Run Beth, run!!!!! They are coming to get you.
Quote of the day:
LL: Let's go take Beth's picture out front with will the crows.
TT: Oh yeah, it will be like that movie, you know, with all the birds in it, what was it called?
LL: The Birds
(The part of TT was played by Tami Treloar)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adding Insult to Injury

On my way to work today I saw a Decatur cop pull over a van. I did a double take because the cop had actually pulled over the work release van. I am assuming the guy that drives all the other inmates to work was speeding.

I thought, "How ironic is that?" I mean, why would the cop choose to do that. Doesn't he know if they guy is driving the work release van, then he obviously is in jail? How is he going to pay the ticket on the $2 a day he earns in work release. You know all that money goes to by cigs and Ramen noodles from the canteen. Also, I guess the tax payers will have to pay the salary of the people who have to carry him to and from jail to go to court for the ticket.

I mean, give me a break Popo, there are plenty of people speeding on 565 in front of Racetrack to give tickets to.

(And no, I am not one of them)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Someone let the cat out of the bag...., literally, please let Sally out of the bag.
She had been trying to get in this bag all week. It was on the table, then I through it on the floor, and she loves it! Cats are so funny.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Useless Info #306

~ A large, flawless emerald is worth more than a similarly large, flawless diamond.

~ The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

~ You are more likely to lose your hearing than any of the other senses if you are hit by lightning.

~ Hindu men once believed it to be unlucky to marry a third time. They could avoid misfortune by marrying a tree on their third marraige. The tree (the third wife) was then burned, freeing the man to marry again.

~ Aristotle thought blood cooled the brain.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Answers to the quiz

Rich you did a good job! I always knew you had it in you....

1. Yes Indeed, there is a 4th of July in England. There is also a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, of July. Everybody gets this one right.

2. The average man has ONE birthday. You can only be born once.

3. The answer is 12. All months have at least 28 days

4. The beggar is also a woman, so the beggar is the woman's sister, not her brother.

5. If a man is LIVING in the USA, why on earth would you bury him?

6. The answer is 6 outs. There are 3 outs for the home team and three outs for the visiting team.

7. No ... it is not legal for a man to marry his widow's sister no matter where he lives. In order to even HAVE a widow, the guy would have to be dead.

8. The two men each win the same number of games because they aren't playing each other.

9. The answer is 70. Dividing 30 by 1/2 is the same as multiplying 30 by 2. Then you add ten.

10. The bear is white of course. If all four sides have a southern exposure, the only place the house could be is at the North Pole. So obviously, it's a polar bear.

11. The answer is two. You took away two, so that's what you've got, right?

12. There are two coins: a 50 cent piece and a nickel. One of them is not a nickel (it's a 50 cent piece) but the other one is.

13. You light the MATCH first

14. Half way of course. When the dog gets to the half way point, if he keeps running, he is then running OUT of the woods.

15. The answer is one hour. You would take the first pill right away, the second a half hour later, and the third a half hour after that. The moment you took the third pill, you wouldn't have anymore.

16. The answer is 9. Read the question again. ALL BUT 9 DIE.

17. The answer is NONE! Moses didn't take animals anywhere. That was Noah.

18. The answer is MEAT. What else would butchers be weighing?

19. There are 12 two cent stamps in a dozen. There are 12 of anything in one dozen.

20. Well, Barrack Obama

Friday, August 21, 2009


IDIOT TEST....answers to follow on Monday....

The Questions:

1. Do they have a 4th of July in England?

2. How many birthdays does the average man have?

3. Some months have 31 days. How many have 28 days?

4. A woman gives a beggar 50 cents. The woman is the beggar's sister, but the beggar is not the woman's brother. How come?

5. Why can't a man living in the USA be buried in Canada?

6. How many outs are there in an inning?

7. Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow's sister?

8. Two men play five games of checkers. Each man wins the same number of games. There are no ties. Explain this.

9. Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. What is the answer?

10. A man builds a house rectangular in shape. All sides have a southern exposure. A bear walks by. What color is the bear?

11. If there are three apples and you take away two, how many do you have?

12. I have two US coins totaling 55 cents. One is not a nickel. What are the coins?

13. If you have only one match and you walked into a room where there is an oil burner, a kerosene lamp, and a woodburning stove, which would you light first?

14. How far can a dog run into the woods?

15. A doctor gives you three pills telling you to take one every half hour. How long would the pills last?

16. A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die. How many are left?

17. How many animals of each sex did Moses take on the Ark?

18. A clerk in the butcher shop is 5 foot 10 inches tall. What does he weigh?

19. How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen?

20. What was the President's name in 1970?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


....staying at this place (our hotel in the Mountains outside of Rome)....
...near this (the Temple of Athena in the Roman Forum)...

...and this (the Trevi Fountain).....

....and this (St. Peters Basilica - we had just been blessed by the Pope - he is under the white awning on the steps in front of the columns)....

...and of course this (The Colosseum).
I will never forget our trip.
My baby turned 18 in Rome. What a special memory. I love you Rayray.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


~ In 1946, the first TV toy commercial aired. It was for Mr. Potato Head.

~ The Bible is the number-one shoplifted book in America.

~ Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his hat to keep his head cool. He changed it every two innings.

~ American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class.

~ The average woman's handbag weighs three to five pounds.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 17, 2009


...didn't go to well. At about 8:30 Friday night a truck like this one was in my driveway.
I told Rachel and her posse that I thought the toilet sounded funny when I flushed it. Then, I was in the kitchen when someone flushed the little bathroom toilet, and I heard it gurgle in the kitchen sink. Then, one more flush and there is was....the tell, tell sign that the water main was backed up...water in the floor at the base of the commode.

I called Mr. Rooter and they had to come snake my lines out front. But, I got over that (and the $125 cost) and then continued to have a very relaxing, do nothing kind of weekend. It was great!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Rachel called me extremely upset on Tuesday after picking up her check from O'Charleys....

R: Oh my God!
LL: What!
R: My check is only 40 dollars!
LL: Why, as much as you worked last week?
R: I don't know...they are taking out 80 dollars for something called Med-Dent-Vis.
LL: That is insurance. Why in the world did you sign up for insurance?
R: I didn't, I swear I didn't.
LL: Well, you better talk to the ASAP.
R: Will you call?

So anyway, I called and of course they wouldn't tell me anything because of her age and the HIPPA laws.

When I got home that evening I opened a piece of mail addressed to her from AllState insurance. I then realized Rachel had had one of her rare "blonde" moments. Not only had she signed up for full-fledged health, dental and vision.....she had also signed up coverage on her spouse!

Rachel, pay more attention when filling out forms on line.

Love, and happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

300 (TH POST)

Today marks my 300th post! I can't believe it! In honor of this special occasion, I give you images from one of my favorite movies, appropriately titled, "300." (Let me apologize now.) I love this movie because of its rich historical background. It also doesn't hurt that the men (computer-enhanced or not) ran around looking like this.......

This is King Leonidas of Sparta (Greece now). He led a group of 300 men to fight the Persians at the battle of Thermopylae, one of the most famous battles in ancient history. This all took place around 480 BC.
Now, just humor me (this is my blog and this is my 300th post), and let's pretend that the woman on his left in the picture above is me, his wife, OK. Just roll with me and let me have my fun. Though, I would want to change my name. His wife's name was Gorgo. That is just pitiful.

The 300 were a fearless group. And fit too! Yea! They assembled (after consulting the Oracle at Delphi - more on this tomorrow) in an attempt to hold the pass of Thermopylae "against a massive Persian army of up to 280,000 men."

Here is a scene from the movie showing the extent of what the 300 faced. Bad Persians! Bad!

The Spartans were very smart, excellent warriors, and often would fight in formations such as this, protecting as many men as possible while still attacking.
Though they fought very brave and hard, they were not able to hold the Persians back. On the 7th day of fighting, Leonidas and his men were betrayed by the traitor Ephialtes. They lost their lives trying to protect their beloved country. In the end, the whole Spartan army was allowed to enter the fight with the Persians, and they were eventually driven out of Greece.
So, there you have it in a nut shell. One of my favorite movies for my 300th post. I thought it was pretty smart of me to come up with this.
(PS - did I mention that I love the scenery in this movie so much that I can watch it on mute?)

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


~ Ketchup is excellent for cleaning brass, especially tarnished or corroded brass.

~ When two words are combined to form a single word (like motor + hotel = motel, or breakfast + lunch = lunch) the new word is called a portmanteau.

~ A coward was originally a boy who took care of cows.

~ Keanu's Reeve's first name means "cool breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian.

Happy Tuesday

PS, this is my 299 post!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I haven't blogged since Wednesday....Are you having withdrawals...all two of you? I have been so busy this whole Summer, really since we went to Jamie's wedding in May. Tami and BJ came to town, etc. I have been complaining the past two weeks about how tired I am, and feeling like I need to be in two places at once.

Then, it doesn't help that my mom says my brother is arriving Saturday for a visit. But, guess what, he didn't come Saturday the 8th, they arrived Wednesday! Polly kind of got that mixed up. So, I have spent the last 5 days entertaining, going to Point Mallard, holding Court in the Smoking Lounge until 2 am Saturday, and on and on.

I had 3 birthday parties within 7 days!!!!

I am exhausted.

I am supposed to go to a family reunion this weekend, but I can tell you now, that is not going to happen!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Jimmy's grandaughter Tatum turned 3 Sunday. We had a party at Deedee's house.
I love this picture. Her cousin Luke sat patiently waiting for us to sing. Look at how he is eying that cupcake!

She got lots of neat presents.....

...especially these John Deere boots. How cute!
Happy Birthday Tatum!


Doesn't this look relaxing....that is Tatum the birthday girl swinging near Lake Ida. Her cousin Luke is trying to get the plug back in his water gun.
Just look at that, love, love.

I love that fact that Tatum is watching all that goes on around her. I just wonder what is going on in her mind in this picture.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009





Monday, August 3, 2009


I have these 3 poems that Rachel wrote in 1st grade using "Writing to Read." The purpose of the software was to teach the child to write phonetically. As long as they could read what they wrote, it was good. I have kept these poems in my desk drawer at all my various jobs. I love to pull them out and read them. Here are two of them. I am typing them just as Rachel did.

O, Easter lily you are speshl to me.
You only bloom in Easter time.
O,o,o,o, your the best from the mounten top.
O, your time has come to bloom.
O, siting on a mounten top.
When your the best flower of mine.


Rain, rain make it rain. With the
parts of life. Be with in your mite.
Make it be a wet day. In till the end
of time. Make it be twise of rain.
Have time go by old rain.


I think they are brilliant! I love you Booboo.