Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sally got really sick over the weekend.  It all came on so fast. She spent Monday and Tuesday at Dr. Bryan's.  I brought her home yesterday to see if that would not perk her up.  She just didn't have the strength, and I did not want her to suffer any longer.  I took her this morning, and Dr. English took real good care of her. She is in heaven now, playing with her brother Jack and her Dad-Dog cocoa.  She will be missed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Funny remnants from Mardi Gras!  I am somewhere in Decatur on the parade route...can you find me?

This picture might help.  If you do find it, please email a picture you took of it (preferably with you in it).  I would love to blog about all those who find it! 


My old office at my old job....but, things are looking up!  I think I am really going to enjoy my new company when I start next week.  This week is just vacation fun and getting errands done.  Posting will be sporadic.  Hope to be back to my normal blogging self soon!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


~  In the world of cycling, a three hour tour is a ride that looks easy, but turns out to be harrowing.  The phrase is borrowed from the theme song of the 1960s TV sitcom Gilligan's Island.

~  In 1973, Joel Engel, research chief at AT&T's Bell Laboratories, received the first call ever made with a portable phone.  The call was from martin Cooper, his rival at Motorola, who let Engel know he had lost the race to produce the world's first portable wireless handset.

~  Europe's first mass produced car was the French Citroen, in 1919.  Its first model was the 10-horsepower Type A.

~  According to the bible, Queen Esther's Hebrew name was Hadassah.

~  Type II diabetes can be treated with a hormone found in the toxic saliva of the giant Gila monster.

Monday, March 19, 2012


 Had a great time Friday night listening to Grey, Black and White at Glasses.  Those boys may be young, but they sure can play!  Look at little Evers on the far left!  Love him!

Even our server Gina was getting into it!  She took good care of us...

Thanks to Wino Bill (keeping count above) and Btut for their support.  I loved being y'all's girlfriend for the night.

There's Washaway and BooBoo Kitty talking to Kris Kattan...I mean Doug.  He came with the Big Dawes.  Thanks Big Dawes for your participation. Smile BooBoo Kitty.  Big Shout Out to Wash for wearing his Pumpkin Palooza t-shirt.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


~  The 5 dog breed accepted in the U.S. Army's K-9 Corps during World War II were German Shepherds, Belgian Sheepdogs, Doberman Pinschers, Farm Collies, and Giant Schnauzers.

~  Jackie Kennedy rebelled at being addressed as First Lady, claiming "it sounds like a saddle horse."  

~  Early editions of the bestselling cookbook The Joy of Cooking recommended that you feed an opossum milk and cereal 10 days before killing it.

~  The now extinct megalodon, believed to be the largest predator ever to exist on earth, was a giant prehistoric shark - reaching 50 feet or more in length - that fed on whales.

~  The phrase "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" originated in the Aesop fable The Milkmaid and Her Pail written around 570 B.C.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sorry - Things are really crazy with my job.  Be back next week.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


"More than any other part of America, the South stands apart...Thousands of Northerners and foreigners have migrated to it...but Southerners they will not become. For this is still a place where you must have either been born or have 'people' there, to feel it is your native ground. "Natives will tell you this. They are proud to be Americans, but they are also proud to be Virginians, South Carolinians, Tennesseans, Mississippians and Texans. But they are conscious of another loyalty too, one that transcends the usual ties of national patriotism and state pride. It is a loyalty to a place where habits are strong and memories are long. If those memories could speak, they would tell stories of a region powerfully shaped by its history and determined to pass it on to future generations."
Tim Jacobson, Heritage of the South