Friday, June 29, 2012


Welcome Home L BigDawes!  We sure have missed you.

I know J BigDawes sure is HAPPY!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Smart Am I?

Brought hot dogs for lunch today.  Just went into the kitchen to fix a plate. 

Hot dogs? Check
Ketchup?  Check
Potato Chips? Check
Uhm, buns?

Eating yogurt and cantelope for lunch?  Priceless.


At both of Jimmaymay's daughters weddings we prepared this puch that Bree found in Southern Living magazine.  It does not sound good, but is is delicious!  Thought I would share:

3 beers (we used Miller Light)
1/2 cup vodka (we used more...of course)
1 12oz concentrate raspberry lemonade
1 pkg frozen raspberries
Lime slices

Both times we multiplied it by 7 to fill a 2 gallon dispenser.

Yum, yum, burp, yum!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


~  The top speed of Amtrak's Acela Express (the fastest train in the US) is 150 MPH.

~  A ghillie suit is camouflage clothing that incorporates real or artificial twigs, leaves, and other vegetation to help hunters, snipers, and the military blend in with nature.  It was originally devised by Scottish hunting guides, who were known as ghillies.

~  In animal breeds a Plymouth Rock is a chicken.  The breed was developed in New England in the mid-19th century.

~  The first African American athlete to carry the US flag and light the Olympic flame at opening ceremonies of the Olympics was Rafer Johnson.  He was a decathlon gold medalist.  He carried the flag at the 1960 opening in Rome, and lit the flame at the 1984 opening ceremony in Los Angeles.

The Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese is the largest painting hangin in the Louvre Museum in Paris.  It is 32.6 feet wide and 22.2 feet tall.


Had a wonderful Monday evening at my house with old friends - Btut, Jenfer, KD, Brittnaynay and Rayray.  It was so good to spend time with the girls and catch up...all the while planning a wedding shower for Brittnaynay.  I love the fact that our children are turning into mature adults, and we all enjoy spending time together!  Long time friends are the best!  Love!

Monday, June 25, 2012


After moving Mom to assisted living, I have been making room for some of her stuff!  I removed the old book case in the laundry room that had my cook books (and a lot of other crap) and put her bakers rack in there!  Looks good! (Big shout out to TCW for his help)

This library table was my great grandfather's.  Mother had the hutch made in the 1980's.  Now it is housing my tea set and various other pieces of china.

This was his hall tree too.  I could not let anything happen to it.

We hung 7 more pictures in the den (including the 4 on the top row).

I love, love, love the gutted stereo cabinet that my TV is sitting on...and look, BBQ Pitmasters was on TV.

Happy Monday.

Friday, June 22, 2012


This just in from Btut (who is obviously "working from home" this Friday), the Chevron on the corner of Danville and 8th (in Decatur) has gas for $2.99 a gallon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


As you know, we moved Mom to assisted living this weekend.  On Tuesday, I was at her old apartment to meet the movers.  Move was coming down the hall from getting her hair did.

AIDE:  (Pushing Mom in a wheel chair)  Is that your daughter?
MOM:  YES!  That's my daughter!
AIDE:  What is her name?
MOM:  Rachel.  No wait not Rachel, Laura.
LL:  Hey Mom.
MOM:  Hey sweetheart.
LL:  When did they rearrange your new room?
MOM:  What?  My room has been rearranged?
LL:  Well, I would guess you were in it at the time...
MOM:  I want to go to my old apartment.

Inside apartment...

MOM:  I need to go in my bedroom.
LL:  What for?
MOM:  I need to get my sports bras.
LL:  There gone.
MOM:  What do you mean they are gone?
LL:  You haven't worn a bra in weeks.
MOM:  Well, I am wearing one now.
LL:  Mom, they are gone.  Everything in here is packed up and the movers are moving it.
MOM:  Well gosh, I had a small fortune in sports bras.

Go figure.


~  When a brown crimini mushroom is fully matured and opened is is a portobello mushroom.  Brown criminis are juvenile portobellos.

~  Michelangelo's statue of David is 17 feet tall.

~  Jimmy Carter was the first president to have solar panels installed on the roof of the White House.  They were used to heat water for the staff eating area.

~  The first name of Mr. Peanut, the monocled mascot of Planters Peanuts, is Percy.

~  The TV network footage of the first Super Bowl was taped over.  Only a two minute clip of the 1967 game is known to exist.  Both CBS and NBC covered the game and reused the footage for soap operas.  Reusing videotape was standard practice at the time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I can not believe that I forgot to thank the beautiful, caring, and multi-talented K RightWright for all of her help with Mom's move!  Thank you K, so much!!!! Love!

Speaking of the move...the movers came today and we are done! 

Monday, June 18, 2012


This past weekend I had to move my Mom to Assisted Living.  I really need to thank TCW, Btut, Rachel, Josh and Gray for all the help and support they gave me over the past few days.  This move could not have happened if not for them.  I am so lucky to have wonderful people in me life.  Thank you each again, and Love!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Gray, Black and White played Vittone's Friday night.  We all had a blast!  There were soooo many quotes that I should have written down....but upon reflecting....let's just go with "What happens at Vittone's stays at Vittone's!"

AndyRandy, Blacey and TCW in our perch for the night.  We had the best seat in the place!

You know the evening was special if Dr. Sweephay and J came!

Some of GBW's friends...Big Red, Spicoli (from Fast Times at Ridgemont High) and his girlfriend, The Mad Hatter.

This stranger was there and I took her picture.

There's my baby saying "please stop taking my picture"...

...and we will end with a shout out to Fantasy Island...

"Da Plane!"

Thanks to all my friends for showing their support...had a great time!  Love, Love, Love.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Jimaymay's daughter Jamee got married today at 11:00.  It was at her mother's house on Lake Ida.  It was beautiful.  The retired Probate Judge that married them was a childhood friend of Jimaymays.  He made the ceremony very special.  There was just us, her mom and her husband, the grooms parents and Jamee's grandmother.  It was a really a beautiful thing to witness!  Now looking forward to her celebration party tomorrow night where my favorite band, Gray, Black and White will be playing!

Still no kittens.

Yesterday was my 801st post.

I am on a horse.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Rachel and Josh have been on me for some time to get kittens.  Rachel is using her birthday (today) to entice me to bring some new babies home....and it might be working!  We have been bantering back and forth on names.  We are planning on getting two females.  Here is a short list of what Rachel, Tim, Josh and I have come up with:

Penny and Amy Farrah Fowler
PB and J
Ham and Eggs
Watusie and Shanana
Willie and Si
Ginger and Maryanne
Floatsam and Jetsam
Hillary and Monica (NOT)
Mowgli and Baloo
Piglet and Roo

Send us your suggestions, either by comment or email!  And wish us luck with the ever present, ever freaked out, Byebye!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Can't get enough Big Bang?  Me here you go!

Leonard: What were you doing at Penny's?
Sheldon: Well, we had dinner, played some games, and then I spent the night. Oh, and you'll be happy to know that I now have a much better understanding of 'friends with benefits.'

Sheldon: Stop it both of you! All this fighting, I might as well be back with my parents!
*Imitating his Mom* Dammit George! I told you if you didn't quit drinking I would leave you!
*Imitating his Dad* Well, I guess that makes you a liar, because I'm drunk as hell and you are still here!
*Imitating his Mom* Stop yelling, you're making Sheldon cry!
*Imitating his Dad* I'll tell you what is making Sheldon cry, that I let you name him SHELDON!

Penny: So what do you say Sheldon, are we your X-men?
Sheldon: No, the X-men were named for the X in Charles Xavier. Since I am Sheldon Cooper, you will be, my C-men.

Sheldon: Good morning everyone and welcome to "Science and Society". I'm Dr. Sheldon Cooper, BS, MS, MA, PhD and ScD. OMG, right?

Sheldon: Cause of Injury: Lack of Adhesive Ducks.

Sheldon: This is the temperature you agreed to in the roommate agreement.
Leonard: Aw, screw the roommate agreement!
Sheldon: No, you don't screw the roommate agreement. The roommate agreement screws you.

Zack: You know, I saw this great thing on the Discovery Channel. Turns out if you kill a starfish it'll just come back to life.
Sheldon: Was the starfish wearing boxer shorts? Because you might have been watching Nickelodeon.

Leonard: For God's sake, Sheldon, do I have to hold up a sarcasm sign every time I open my mouth?
Sheldon (intrigued): You have a sarcasm sign?

Amy's Mom: It's nice to meet you too Sheldon, I honestly didn't believe Amy when she told me she had a boyfriend.
Sheldon: I assure you, I am quite real and I'm having regular intercourse with your daughter.
Amy's Mom: What?
Sheldon: Oh yes, We're like wild animals in heat. It's a wonder neither of us has been hurt!
Amy's Mum: Amy? What is he saying?
Amy: You wanted me to have a boyfriend, mother, well here he is! Have to sign off now. My hunger for Sheldon is stirring in my loin.
Sheldon: Oh yes. It's time for me to make love to your daughter's vagina.