Wednesday, September 28, 2011


~  Ohio has the largest Amish population in the U.S. followed by Pennsylvania and Indiana.

~  The rocker Kid Rock was named Robert James Ritchie at birth.  Chris Rock's birth name is Chris Rock or Christopher Julius Rock III.

~  According to NASA, the most Mars like environment on Earth is in northern Chili, in the Atacama Desert, which has the driest and most lifeless soil on our planet.

~  Captain Hook's first name was James.

~  In Internet shorthand, lqtm means "laughing quietly to myself."

Friday, September 23, 2011

My car's shadow....

...looks just like Shrek's head.

Just sayin'.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Group Participation

This is an interactive blog post.  You are going to act like they did at the end of "The hangover" when they flashed through the pictures.  So, are you ready?  Let's all sing along....

"You spin me right round, baby, right round."

Like a record baby...

Right, round, round, round.

You spin me right round...

baby, right round,

Like a record baby....

right, round, round, round.

You spin me right round, baby....

 right round....

endorse this check, andy

no way...


No, Baby!

You spin me right round

baby right round...

Like a bird, baby

 flown down in the ground...

 You spin me right round...

baby, right round,

Like a record, baby...

Right, round round round.

 The End.

Thank your for your support.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 These guys are the meat of the team! (pun, not that pun, get your mind out of the gutter...meat as in BBQ!) 

They are dedicated.
They are passionate about their BBQ.
They play hard.
 So, hears to you Andy AndyRandy, Bear, Randy AndyRandy, J BigDawes, and TCW!  Thanks for all of the BBQ you have prepared for us, whether at a competition or just practice.  Gosh knows, we all love the practice!  And we love to be with you win you place 43rd out of over 80 professional teams!  Improving with each year!

 Bear - holding down the chair - is responsible for the brisket.

 Randy AndyRandy grilled chicken this year.  Andy AndyRandy helps everybody do everything!  (and his name is on the check!)

J BigDawes does the butt.  I am sorry I did not get more pictures of him this year.  It won't happen again.

TCW grilled the ribs.  Here he is with his Daddy.  Love them both!

So, guys, keep up the good work, and thanks for all the good BBQ and fun times you have provided all your loyal fans!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


~  Arabic is the language that is the source of the words admiral, alcohol, algebra, azure, and alfalfa.

~  Autumn became known as fall because it was initially called "fall of the leaf" in Middle English during the 16th century, and eventually was shortened to fall.  The word crossed the Atlantic with early American colonists and continues to be used in the U.S., but it is now obsolete in Great Britain.

~  Only one member of the California-based pop band the Beach Boys was a surfer.  Drummer Dennis Wilson was the only surfer, despite the group's hit songs that suggested otherwise - including "Surfin'," "Surfin' Safari," "Surfin' USA," and "Surfer Girl."

~  In a box of Grape-nuts cereal the percentage of grapes and nuts are both zero.  The name was made up by the cereal manufacturer C.W. Post.  Maltose, one of the original ingredients, was known as grape sugar in 1898 when the cereal was first marketed; and it's believed that "nuts" referred to the cereal's flavor and/or crunch.

~  When you ass up the total of all the numbers from 1 to 100 you get 5,050.  (I bet Big D or Wino Bill will have to make sure this is true)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Well, where do I even begin?  I had the best time at Riverfest this year.  LBOS did a great job and grilled some delicious meat!  I have so many pictures....I can blog all week about the great time had by all.  Here is the team in their cool new shirts.  (Miss Polly is sitting in the background).

L. BigDawes and BTut showing just how much the judges disliked the pie!  Haha, I think they even licked the plate clean!  (A. AndyRandy must have gotten a real important text not to be smiling in the camera.  That's OK...I have plenty more pics of him later)

As a matter of fact, the judges liked BTut's dessert so much....THEY GAVE HER A PERFECT 180!  LBOS won the dessert grand prize!   Here is the evidence to prove it...BTut getting their ribbon, check, and perfect 180 pin!

Happy Happy AndyRandy and BTut!

The crown Princess and L. BigDawes...Shout out for the pie.....but then L. BIGDAWES' SAUCE CAME IN 7TH PLACE!   Yay!!!!! So proud of them!  (best quote of the day..."Now if us men could just cook some damn meat!")

Don't ask....more on this one later....but everybody had so much fun!  (Look there's Dr. SweepHay and Greg Allman with AndyRandy!)

Wino Bill and Big D....

 ...and of course Triple her tiara.  (See joke about the tiara later)

The team again with their blue ribbon and the tent stake number....minus Bear but plus SteeRee.  SteRee sales Big Green Egg Grills in Decatur.
Man, TCW is tall....Thanks to the team, and all of their supporters, we had a wonderful Saturday afternoon. (How did the Right Wrights manage to stay out of my pictures?)

Quotes from Saturday....see if you can guess who said what....

"I don't want to be Snow White.   Why can't I be Cinderella?" - "Think of it this way, Snow White lived with 7 men."

"Now if us men could just cook some damn meat."  - after BTut and L BigDawes did so good.

"Hey....You're not my husband."

"We got us a check for five hundred dollars!" - "Good, who is going to get the beer?"

"Your invisibility shield is not working too well."

"I won't wash that hand again." - "Hey,     ,um, 4th grade just called and wants it's line back."

"You're pretty"  (actually that was said a LOT)

Oh, Thought I might mention...this is also a very important blog for me, not just because I got to blog about Riverfest, LBOS, and my friends...this is my 700th blog!  I can't believe it!  Stay tuned....

Thursday, September 15, 2011


My favorite BBQ team (L'il Bit 'O Smoke) will be competing this weekend at Riverfest in Decatur!  Here are the usual suspects (of course taking a shot of brown liquor):

AndyRandy - check
The Big Dawgs - check
Bear - check
BTut - check
TCW - check

Wishing you lots of luck!  I will be there cheering you on!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


~   A boa constrictor can move only about 1 mile per hour on open ground.

~  A Cairene is a native or inhabitant of Cairo, Egypt.

~  Bamboo was the wood used in making Charlie Chaplin's trademark Little Tramp cane.

~  Mercury, the winged messenger of the Roman Gods, was the first official symbol of the U.S. postal service.  He was the symbol from 1782 to 187, when he was replaced by a running pony.  The current symbol, the eagle, replaced the pony in 1970.

~  In days of yore, the occupation of a whacker was a driver of a team of horses or oxen.