Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I had a wonderful weekend starting Thursday at the Hard Dock with Gray Black and White.  Raayray, Wash, and I actually spent a lot of time together this weekend.  I love it that they are so much fun to be around! 

Friday, the boys headed to T Town for a gig, so Rachel and I got the watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics together. 

Saturday, Rachel went to Bham to take a test and study, so Wash and I hung out.  He even went to see Gma with me!  Then we went to Publix to get the Princess some smoked Gruyere cheese.  Next was Windmill to buy wine and Limaritas.  Finally, that state store for Jameson, Wild Turkey and Don (stocking the bar).  We then hung out in the smoking lounge with Stalker.

Sunday we all relaxed and watched the Olympics.  Now, here is where the true love comes in...we were taking a smoke break (Wash and I had been consuming alcoholic beverages - imagine that), and Wash comes out of the house and says (in the sweetest voice I have ever heard him use), "Baby, I have a surprise for you!"  Rayray all excited goes "What is it!?!  What is it!?!"  He then lifts his shirt to offer her a slice of Gruyere cheese that he stuck on his belly! 

We laughed for 4.23 minutes!  I could not stop crying I was laughing so hard! 

Now, that is true love!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Had a great time Thursday at the Hard Dock listening to Gray Black and White!  Thanks so much to BTut, Wino Bill, AndyRandy, TCW, Webbs, and the Right Wrights for your support!  Always a great time when we get together.  The boys thank you too!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 ~  Danielle Steel works on 5 book projects at one time...writing a new one, editing two she has finished, outlining another, and researching yet another.

~  The undercover government agency known as IMF is found in the movie and TV series Mission Impossible.  IMF stands for Impossible Missions Force.

~  A single ragweed plant can produce up to a billion grains of pollen in a season.

~  The last person to cross the finish line in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race (held in Alaska) is given a red lantern.  The first time it was handed out it was a joke, but has since come to symbolize perseverance.

~  Cherry is the name of the opossum that jumped into the tree by the carport on Firday night.  He jumped into a Kwansan Cherry tree.  Just seeing who is paying attention!


Wash, Ray and I were sitting in the smoking lounge on Friday night.  We were waiting for Big Red to come get Wash for a concert in B'ham.  I was sitting in the chair closest to the cherry tree (or where Ray parks her car).  All of a sudden I look up because it was like something on the roof was pulling on the tree.  We were all like "What the Heck?"  It continued pulling then the whole limb swooped down, like something had jumped on the branch. 

Ray:  It is just a squirrel.

LL:  No, it is not a squirrel it's tail is not bushy!

LL:  It is Tay?  NO, OH MY GOD (running inside...all 3 of us) IT IS A RAT!  screaaaam!

Wash, being the brave man of the house, got a flash light to investigate.  It was a opossum!  You can see his white face and one shiny eye in the middle of the picture above!  You can even make out his tail curving below his body on the left!  YUK!

Wash tried to get a good picture...His white face and one eye can be seen toward the right in this pic.

Never a dull moment on Pennylane!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Played Big Bang Theory Game at my house with crazy fans - Rayray, Btut, Lisa TutB, Syd, and Wino Bill. As usual, many funny quotes to be heard and written down:

~  Rayray, show me your soft kitty.
~  Andy Griffith was a di*k head.
~  If you land on rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock, you can steal a card.
~  Oh, Jesus Christ.  (Someone else says, No, just Bill)
~  That threw me off.  (Someone else says, Why, because its English?)
~  Dude, he has mega balls.
~  Well, you can't win if you can't play because you can't be quiet.
~  Taste the rainbow
~  STOP!  Don't pee in there
~  Wait, are you going to win?  I can't have that.
~  I'm sorry I am so funny.
~  I got to write that down
~  My pen is not even on.

Monday, July 16, 2012


(Sung to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas")

12           Laughs with BJ

11           Dr. Sweephay’s order of arrival

10           Times Triple T hit the table

9              Shrimp in BTuts low boil

8              Drafts for Wino Bill

7              Bud Lights for Washaway

6              Times TCW picked on me

5              BITES OF POST ROAST (and this was by more than one person…it was gross, and all anyone could stand..of course Rachel ordered it)

4              Dozen oysters for Big D

3              Different chairs for AndyRandy

2              Mixed drinks for Double L (me)


1              Very Happy, Fun and Good Time!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Carport Chronicles

Had a great time last night in the smoking lounge...almost like old times with the kids!  Btut, Rayray, Washaway, Gray Bear and Big Red...then later L BigDawes.  Watched Big Brother premier.  Great way to start a weekend!  On Thursday!

Quote of the evening...
Washaway:  "Baby, where my shit at?"

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ok, I just had the shit scared out of me.  What a way to start a Thursday!

When I left for work this morning, Rachel had just gotten up and was smoking on the car port.  When I pulled into the parking lot at work, my cell phone rang.  It was Rachel's number, but it was Washaway on the phone.  He informed me that he arrived back from work (unable to work because of the rain), and Rachel's car, phone, and keys were there, the door was locked, but she was no where to be found!

"Is the dog there?" I asked. Yes. "She has to be there.  You're just not looking hard enough."  But, he informed me in a much worried voice that he had looked, he had been yelling her name.  I thought I was going to throw up.

I told him to call Lilly Beth (neighbor).  He did.  She was not there.  I told him to drive toward her Daddy's house.  We were both full of anxiety, scared.  I didn't know if I should turn around and go home or what the hell to do.  I walk into my office building and make it to my office.

Then I get a call from home:

R:  Hey.
R:  Home.  You locked me out of the house.
LL:  Oh my Gosh.  Call Josh right away.  He is so worried.
R:  I already did.
LL:  Where did you go?  Why didn't you go to Lily's?
R:  I tried.  I couldn't get anyone to answer the door.  I walked to Jennifer's but no one was home.
LL:  I feel like I am going to throw up.  Thank goodness you are alright.  Are you soaking wet?
R:  No, I had an umbrella.  Yep, an umbrella, cigarettes and a Pepsi.
LL:  Then you were all set, huh?
R:  Nerd, locking me out of the house.
LL:  We will hide a key tonight

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

~  Curious George was originally called Fifi.  When the writers made him the main focus of their second book, their publisher told them Fifi was too feminine a name for the boy monkey so they changed it.

~  Sunglasses were first commercially produced and sold on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ in a Woolworth's store.  They were made and sold in 1929 by Sam Foster, the man behind Foster Grant sunglasses.

~  Hitler's private 12 car armored train was originally named Amerika.  The name was changed to Brandenburg after the US entered World War II. 

~  Paris's world famous Hotel Ritz installed king-sized tubs in all its bathrooms because Edward VII, while still Prince of Wales, got stuck in a narrow tub with a lover and had to be extricated by his valets.

~  Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon first introduced oranges and lemons to Florida in 1513.  They were planted in St. Augustine.


Grandbaby Number 3!

Jimaymay's son and his wife welcomed in Poppy's 3rd grandbaby last week!  Say hello to Ella Blue!

Poppy and I visited her and her parents Sunday morning.  Needless to say I held her for over 2 hours!


Yes, I have been reprimanded...by no other than Lisa TutB.  While others have been kind and not complained of my neglect of this blog, she could take it no longer.  This was the email I received today:

OK – I really hate to be a bitch (yeah right!) But you have not blogged since July 3rd! WTF and I ain’t talking Webb Tree Farm!? I am sure you are studying all the trivia questions for Big Bang so you will have at least a remote chance to beat me on Saturday, but you have a responsibility to the blog readers – All 3 – 4 of us!! (your words… not mine!) So step it up !!!



Yes, I do love her!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I will tell you what this is....it is $35 woth of Gelato!  Rayray and I fell in love with gelato while in Italy.  It is creamy, dreamy goodness!  Morgan Price Cany Company in Decatur is now serving authentic Italian gelato!  God Bless them!  We got 5 flavors...strawberry and peach, chocolate and mint chocolate chip, and lemon.  Made our Saturday.


Saturday, I moved the green table and chairs to my Mom's.  While at Shumake purchasing her a lift chair, Miss Barbara convinced me to replace them with this.  I love it!  Great addition to the den! 

(I see Red Kitty and Luxembourg!)