Friday, May 29, 2009


"If a statue of a person on a horse depicts the horse with both front legs in the air, the person died in battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle; if the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes."

I thought this was interesting. Then I researched it a little more and found it is only correct ~ half of the time, but I had already typed it up, so I am posting it anyway.


Hey - Hope you all have a great weekend....I will be doing some of this....

...and hopefully swimming some at Point Mallard. The sun needs to shine this weekend. I am feeling moldy again.

Jimmy and I are taking his daughter Jamee to dinner tomorrow at Simp's. That will be good food and good fun.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Jimmy taught me something on the way to Mobile. He asked me if I knew why pirates wore eye patches. I said, "because they had an eye injury?" I knew that was not the answer, or he wouldn't have asked the question.

"No," he said. "They wore patches so that when they go below in the hull of the ship, at least one eye is already adjusted to the darkness. That way they do not have to wait for their sight to adjust, and can see immediately when going below deck." Wow, my Boyfriend is smart! It does make sense. Especially in a situation where they are going below on a ship they have just taken over.

Thank goodness the sexiest pirate ever didn't wear an eye patch......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Byebye (Spike) Are you snuggled up in your blue banky all warm and sleeping? You are so cute, I just have to take your picture.
"Wait, did someone just take my picture? What is sticking out of Meme's head?"
"Why must she distract me from my sleep? Is that the evil cat over there? She (the cat) probably put her up to it."

"Crazy woman, if you don't mind would you please put that down and let me get back to doing what I do best? Being so damn cute! Wait, here is my best angle."


I ate this on Sunday. It was absolutely delicious! If you ever get a chance to eat at Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, do. And get the BBQ chicken potato! You will not regret. I was only able to finish about 3/4 of this one, and I was proud of myself.

You can tell I am a pro at this if you look in the upper left hand of the picture. See, I requested extra white sauce!

(burp) Love

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just roll with me....

...It all makes perfect sense in my mind. I got the idea to keep a journal from my friend Lisa M. She has been keeping journals for years, taping or stapling stuff in them to remind her of things, jotting down quick thoughts, or even just doodling. I decided that I needed to do that too, because I thought it was cool. So, I bought this journal....
...But If I was going to be really serious, I would have to take the journal with me wherever I went. So, logically, I would need a new purse within which to hold my prescious, remarkable thoughts and inspirations via the "journal." Tadaaaaa...

And of course, I can't have a pretty, new white leather summer purse and still use my winter wallet, can I? No, hence, a new bright pink wallet! Yea!
But ask, what is this new item? Not the beautiful, prince of a dog, but the paper work. I don't know, lets move in for a closer look....

Is it? Can it be? Yes, it is the warranty for a new ring I also just had to have. It is only logical to go to Belks to buy a bathing suit, and end up with a journal, a new purse, a new wallet, and now, a ring. Somewhere I can see a rhyme to the reason....Yea, in my crazy head!

(The voices made me do it.)
I would show ya'll the ring, but it is being sized.
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Come to Decatur and watch the balloons!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just Wondering....

Queen Victoria eased the discomfort of her menstrual cramps by having her doctor supply her with marijuana......

......hey, can you fake glacoma?



...I said Idle, not Idol. I have not been myself lately, and it just dawned on me this morning....I quit taking my Chantix last Friday, and I have been a roller coaster of emotion ever since then. I believe today it is starting to even up. I am just a blob today. No crying, or scary laughing, just me, in my skin, trying to be invisible.

Doesn't sound very healthy, huh? Well, I am sure you know, you have to roll with the punches. Look at the good side, I haven't smoked in almost 3 weeks....tomorrow night will be three weeks. I only get a craving to about once a day, then I just get my mind on something else and I am fine.

I went to see King Tut and it was a little disappointing....I remember all these big pieces of gold statuary, and his sarcophogus (coffin) of gold. Lots of the bigger pieces were not at the exhibit. I think I mentioned before that I don't think the Egyptian government lets them leave the museum in Cairo anymore.

But it was a nice day with my friend Stefanie (AKA Stef Infection).....

Wishing you all a cheerier Thursday. Watch out, I am breaking out my camera soon!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


WARNING! If you don't want to learn about a the featured artist....stop now. But, why would anyone pass up the chance to learn a little culture in a short time, by a hilarious writer like myself? I can't imaging either.

From Wikipedia: "Mose Tolliver (or Mose T.) born about 1925 near Pintala, Alabama was an African American artist who worked in a primitivist style."

LL says: I will say primitivist, I think I have seen cave paintings that more resemble an actual person than some of Mose T.'s
"During the late 1960s, boredom and long hours of idle time spawned his interest in art. Mose regularly worked with "pure house paint" on plywood; creating whimsical and sometimes erotic pictures of animals, humans, and flora. A "Quail Bird" may glide over a cotton field, or a spread-leg "Diana" may be straddled over "An Exercise Rack Bicycle. Self portraits with crutches are a repeated image, as are watermelons."

I love these pictures my friend has at his house. Check out the Christmas tree above
"Mose was dyslexic, which may have encouraged his artistic efforts by limiting his reading and writing abilities. He would often turn his paintings upside-down and paint the picture of perhaps an animal and landscape positioned from various directions."

Love the bird on the horse. I could see myself receiving this as a gift, hint hint. Below is a wall in my friends house that showcases his Mose T. collection. Jealous much?

"Tolliver's work has been exhibited at the Philadelphia College of Art, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and the Cocoran Gallery of Art. In 1993, a retrospective of his work was held at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City."

"Mose Tolliver died on October 30, 2006 at a hospital in Montgomery, Alabama from pneumonia, aged 82. Numerous works by Tolliver (or those completed by family members but purported to be those of Mose) still remain available on the open market via wholesale art houses."

Really loving the Indian!
All of the quotes/italics are from Wikipedia. Don't want anyone thinking I am plagiarizing.
Can you believe that I read were this one woman was actually plagiarising another woman's blog? YES, she was actually taking one woman's posts, changing a few names, and making this stranger's experiences, feelings, and emotion her own. Isn't that sick? But, that is a blog for another day.
Thanks for putting up with me.

Friday, May 15, 2009


~ The McDonald's at the Skydome in Toronto is the only McDonald's in the world tht sells hot dogs.

~ A funambulist is a tightrope walker

~ The word cop comes from the English term "constable on patrol."

~ Wine will spoil if exposed to light, hence the tinted bottles.

Happy Weekend!


I really want to go see the King Tut exhibit in Atlanta. I looked on the internet, and next weekend is the last weekend. I think I will purchase 2 tickets, and then worry about finding someone to go with me.

This will not be the first time I have seen these amazing works of art. I first saw this exhibit in 1979 in New Orleans with my entire family and good family friends the Beasleys.

I believe not all of the items I saw in 1979 are in this exhibit because there are some items that Egypt will not let leave the country now. Still, I am sure is will be awe inspiring.

Atlanta, here I come.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


....Cockpit. I just read in the news that this helicopter pilot (in Los Angeles, of course) has had his license revoked because there was a video of him flying the helicopter while receiving oral sex. What a dumbass! It is one thing to commit the act while flying, but another to film it, and then let it be released on the internet.
He not only had his license revoked by the FAA, but then appealed the revocation to the NTSB. He also lost there. What in the world could he use as a defense. "It wasn't really that good, so I wasn't enjoying it that much....I was never out of control of the machine. She was never in the way." Give me a break!
The NTSB ruled "Both the pilot and the woman unfastened their safety restraints during the flight and that her body blocked his access to controls vital to operating the aircraft in an emergency."
"The pilot told the NTSB that he acted foolishly, but has become a much more responsible pilot since the incident."
Oh, is that so....what, does he only do it doggy style now while flying?

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am double posting today to make up for not posting on Friday....enjoy, but leave your compassion at home!

I love reality TV. I did not watch Amazing Race when Charla (the little person below) was on. Rachel and I were watching TV this weekend and we saw "The 25 Funniest Clips from Reality TV." She was in one where she had to dress in armor and lead a horse.
We laughed until we cried. I know it was bad. We even laughed harder when she fell flat on her face.....twice. It was like watching a Weeble fall and not get up. I am chuckling about it now. I found the clip on the internet on, and as they say, I am not the one going to hell for laughing, the producers are for airing it.

Makes me feel better anyway.



I don't know if you know this or not....but I love this little dog! We spend soooo much time together. If I am on the couch, he is on the couch. If I go to bed, he goes to bed too, under the covers and all! He is like my therapy. Why then, you may ask, do I do stuff like this....
...while sitting on the couch Saturday, I started petting Bikie. After so much petting, he wants to start chewing on your hands....not hard where is hurts, just kind of knawing. It must feel good to him, the biting of flesh. Anyway, Bikie was laying on his side next to me. I started petting his back leg. That was ok for a while. Then he moves his head in for the kill, tail wagging like hell. I moved my hand closer to his tail and he followed. He was lunging for my hand and as he did, he was hitting himself in the head/eye with his tail. Well, I thought that was funny as hell. I was laughing my ass off at my sweet baby hitting himself in the head with his tail.

I finally made myself stop, thank goodness.

I was telling Rachel about this last night, and low and behold, we were able to demonstrate it for her! Bikie just loves hand.

PS - I won't tell you how many times I typed tale for tail in this.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lunch and a Museum

I had lunch with a friend today. For many years I had wanted to see his home (built in the 1800's) and his works of art. Finally he agreed to show me. It was like going to a museum! I loved all the pieces - they were all so eclectic, but he has arranged them so well, it just all worked! I love it (means I am jealous). He really has a gift.

This is in the living room looking towards the front door. A lovely home - loved the layout, and the colors he has chosen. Lots of sunshine. Loved the old mirror to the right of the door with the virgin mary statue (no, he is not Catholic - but it works!)
This is the other end of the room. See what I mean about how everything works together. Loving the fire place.

In the dining this wall color too.

He has a collection of paintings by artisit Bernice Sims - an artist from Georgiana, AL. She started painting after a visit to Mose Tolliver's (Mose T.) house in 1984.

And speaking of Mose friend has a hallway lined with his paintings. I just love the simplicity of the art. My mom also has a Mose T. but her's is not as big as any of these.

As you can see, it was like going to a museum...the furniture, art, vases, nicknacks...I loved it all!
Thanks for showing me your home and for the nice lunch!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I might be going insane....

...I thought to myself a little bit ago. I use the back of my Useless Info daily calendar pages as scratch sheets. I was looking through a stack sitting on my desk, and I found this doodle. I knew I drew it, but could not for the life of me remember who I was drawing it for or even what in the hell it was. It really took me about 12 seconds of trying hard to remember before I could. I was afraid you were going to have to start calling me "Sybil."
Reflecting on it now, it all makes sense why I couldn't remember fast. See, this is a picture of some plants I bought. I was showing someone how I was going to plant it in the two pots I also bought. The reason it took me a minute is.....I haven't damn planted them yet, and I drew this 3 weeks ago!!!!

The lines coming off the front of the pot is replecating vinca spilling out over the sides and front. I didn't draw the vinca because whoever I was drawing for knew vinca and could picture it in their own head. Next time I should draw the complete plant. Maybe then I will recognize what the heck it was, even after 3 weeks.

Happy Wednesday!


~ The color of a chili is no indication of its spiciness, but size usually is - the smaller the pepper, the hotter it is.

~ Napoleon Bonaparte was afraid of cats.

~ The term "mayday" used for signaling for help (after SOS) comes from the French "m'aidez", which is pronounced may day and means "help me."

~ Thomas Edison had a collection of more than five thousands.

I don't know what you would do without me. Think how good we will be at trivial pursuit!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a regional holiday in Mexico, primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla, with some limited recognition in other parts of Mexico.[1][2] The holiday commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza SeguĂ­n.[3][4] The outnumbered Mexicans defeated a much better-equipped French army that had not been defeated in almost 50 years.[5]

The date is perhaps best recognized in the United States as a date to celebrate the culture and experiences of Americans of Mexican ancestry, much as St. Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest, and the Chinese New Year are used to celebrate those of Irish, German, and Chinese ancestry respectively. Similar to those holidays, Cinco de Mayo is observed by many Americans regardless of ethnic origin."

That just goes to show that we Americans will use any excuse to party! Who else is having margarita's this afternoon? Do I hear the faint singing of "Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville?" Jimmy Buffett is my new best friend.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Did you miss me? I know deep down you did! We had a wonderful trip. The parties were so fun, the ceremony so beautiful, I was glad we were able to go. Congratulations again, Jamie and Ben. I will post pictures later.

Today I am tired, literally worn out. We packed so much into the weekend. Jimmy and I want to go back and party in Mobile some more. It is so rich in history. Did you know the first Mardi Gras in the United states was held in Mobile? Now you know. They celebrate Mardi Gras there as much as in New Orleans!