Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sally got really sick over the weekend.  It all came on so fast. She spent Monday and Tuesday at Dr. Bryan's.  I brought her home yesterday to see if that would not perk her up.  She just didn't have the strength, and I did not want her to suffer any longer.  I took her this morning, and Dr. English took real good care of her. She is in heaven now, playing with her brother Jack and her Dad-Dog cocoa.  She will be missed.


David T said...

Tami and I are so sorry for you. Sally is playing with Jack and Rusty in kitty heaven.

David T said...

I love you sweet girl and Rachel too!!! I know how much you miss Salad!!! I bet in kitty heaven they have all the capnip that want!!!!

David T said...

That last comment was from Aunt Tami!!! XOXOXO