Friday, January 18, 2013


Rayray and I were discussing the television show Sweet Genius in the smoking lounge last night.  It is a cooking contest about desserts.  The host is this funny looking, bald, little man.  His inspirations are always so crazy and challenging to the contestants.  We all know how smart Rayray is, but last night there was a little gap in her brain waves...

LL:  (acting like the little bald man) And now my inspiration is UNICORNS!
Ray:  and along with the first inspiration I am now inspired by...
Ray:  No, not unicycles.  That would be too easy.
LL:  Huh?
Ray:  That would be too easy because everyone would know he wanted a circus theme.


LL:  Ray, you know that unicorns aren't real.
Ray:  Yeah, you know what I meant.
LL:  You're pretty.

I still can't upload pictures on my blog account from this computer.  I will try to post again when I get home.

Have a good weekend!

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