Monday, May 6, 2013


Went to see the Broadway plat "The Addams Family" last night.  It was hilarious!  Very interesting and funny dialog, great dancing and special effects.  Highly recommended if you get the chance.

Some funny lines from the play...

Grandma:  Three words people:  full, body, make-over!  Legs, hair, boobs, the full enchilada!  Call me a cougar, but I betcha there's a couple of ninety year old hotties out there just waiting to take their teeth out and chow down on a Grandma sandwich!

Grandma:  (to Pugsley)  Time, my dear, is a thief.  She'll stral your soul and flee on little fairy wings....NOW, STAY OUT OF MY SHIT OR I'LL RIP YOU LEG OFF AND BURY IT IN THE BACKYARD!...I love you.

Uncle Fester:  (to audience) You're probably thinking:  what could a fat bald person of no specific sexuality know about love?

Grandma:  One sip of this will turn Mary Poppins into Madea.
Pugsley:  I don't understand your references.
Grandma:  Then stop the damn texting and pick up a book once in a while!

Lucas:  But you see the lover always comes back...Eulesies, Tristan, Romeo.
Wednesday:  Look, I'm home schooled...what's your point?

Gomez: You gave a child agrimonium!?
Grandma: I did NOT! I gave him love and understanding... which is a lot more than I get around here! I know what you've been saying missy. Sure I smoke weed in the attic! It's medicinal! I have... gingivitis. And I'm the matriarch of this family! I'm somebody's mother! And let me clear that one up right now! You wanna know who's mother I am?! It's... ohhh I've got to stop smoking weed in the attic!

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