Friday, August 30, 2013


Memorable quotes from our Nash Vegas weekend.

We are funny people.
And we tip least they do.

It's probably good that I am not that close to the stage.  (This was soon remedied)

Were we dancing?

I have irritable bowel syndrome.
No, you are just irritable and have a bowel.

That's a rash waiting to happen.

Chocolate Thunder.

If she needs to sit down, you just tell her so in your microphone.

That first beer went down hard.

I need the biggest glass of water that you have.

My heart can't take this.

You are going to have to help her in the car.

FP your FB.

I am not getting as crazy as I did last night.
Me either.  It is only Miller Lite for me.  (yeah right)

Are those the same socks you had on yesterday?

Act like you are passed out and let me take your picture?

Where's Lois?
We thought she was with you.

Are you getting married?
No, I am just wearing this veil for the free beer.

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