Monday, July 25, 2011


I am sure you all have heard the news (because I know my health and well-being is of utmost importance to you, lol)....I broke my collar bone Friday.  You can see the brake in the x-ray below.  It broke right where the bone should attach to the arm bone.   (And no, I did not swallow a miniature chiminea.  Jimmy held the x-ray up against the back door for the photo and the chiminea is on the patio.)

TCW was once again my knight in shining armor (or shining jeep) and carried me to the emergency room Friday night.  TCW, Miss Polly, and this really HOT nurse Jimmaymay took good care of me all weekend.

Had some problems with getting sick on my pain pills, but then got my hands on some phenergan, so that is under control.

Saw the Ortho Dr. Sharp this morning.  Good report.  Funny thing is, I call Tim right as Jimmamay and me are leaving the office, and he tells me verbatim what my diagnosis is.  I was like WTH, were you in the room?  Turn's out, of course Lisa Tutb had sent an email (she works there) alerting TCW and BTut with my status...

"Subject: LL -

No Surgery - Dr Sharp said it is bad that it is broken but it is good that the alignment is where it should be and it should heal nicely - Told her not to get use to the immobilizer - wants her moving it as soon as next week - and no driving while on pain meds (which he changed since the tabs make her sick) She has left here one very happy lady!!"

I will not take offense that she just looked at me and laughed her a** off when we talked to her.  I said "It's not funny!"  She responded "I KNOW."

Answer me this...If she knew it wasn't funny, why did she almost give herself a hernia laughing?

I see the Doc again next Tuesday.  Thanks to everyone for taking such good care of me.  I am so lucky to have good friends.  I also can't wait for July to be over.

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Thomas R said...

Wow---I hate to hear that Laura Leigh. I have broken mine twice and I can tell you to just keep your chin up and everyday gets a little easier. I actually had to have plate but in mine and it is still there to this day. I feel your pain. Get well soon.