Wednesday, August 24, 2011


~  Bayer Pharmaceutical marketed a cough remedy under the brand name Heroin in 1898.  The name grew out of the "heroic" feeling reported by the employees who tested it.  The company stopped producing it in 1913.  A year later it was outlawed in the U.S.

~  Dick Barrymore (ski-film producer) was named "Male Chauvinist of the Year" in 1971 for inventing the wet t-shirt contest.  He organized the first contest in the Boiler Room Bar in Sun Valley, Idaho.

~  The board game Monopoly was used by the British Secret Service during World War II to hide maps, files, compasses, and money.  The maps, with escape routes and safe houses were slipped into openings cut in the cardboard boxes.  The files and compasses were disguised as playing pieces.  German, French and Italian paper currency was hidden in packs of play money.

~  The first country to feature a dog on a postage stamp was Newfoundland in 1887.  And, of course, the dog was a Newfoundland.

~  "Pan-Pan" is the distress call issued from a ship or airplane faced with an emergency that is not considered life-threatening.  "Mayday" is used only when imminent danger threatens life or property and immediate assistance is needed.

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