Tuesday, August 21, 2012


~  The fastest dragonfly can fly 38 miles per hour.

~  Golfing great Bobby Jones helped design the first golf clubs to be given numbers instead of Scottish names like mashie, baffie, and niblick.  The numbered clubs, made by A.G. Spaulding & Bros. bore Jones' name and were manufactured from 1932 until 1973.  They were the world's first mass-produced sets of matching clubs.

~  The longest U.S. interstate highway is I-90.  It stretches 3,099 miles from Boston, MA to Seattle, WA.

~  Herbalife was the product advertised in the very first infomerical that aired on American television.  It's first infomerical appeared on the USA Network in 1984, soon after the Federal Communications Commission lifted the restrictions limiting TV advertising to 16 minutes per hour and individual ads to two minutes.

~  The three-letter word with the greatest number of definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary is "set," with 464 definitions.

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