Tuesday, March 5, 2013


(Pictured above...Mawmaw and a customer at The Steak -n- Biscuit, Moulton, AL)

TCW and I have had our share of interesting dining experiences.  Remember the pistol totin' Gma at McCollum's tearing out of the parking lot in her Caddy, wearing her fur, and taking the money bag?  I tried to find the post but gave up.  I will look some more for that....Anyway....

We were at the SNB in Moulton on Sunday.  (On a side note, they have the best sausage in the world).  I noticed when we walked in that a man was hunched over the bar with a plate of food in front of him (In the pic above,  He would have been right in front of the door on the right.  We walked in and set at the third booth out of the picture. 

TCW was facing the door and I was facing the wall with a TV showing the Nascar race.  I thought I had the better of the two seats. Boy, was I wrong.

Waiting for our meal (while smoking, yes I said smoking IN THE DINER!), we hear Mawmaw yell at the man, "Put that stuff up.  Put it up now.  We don't allow that crap in here.  There are people trying to eat."

I asked TCW what it was.  Paint cans he told me.  So, Oh Lort, we have a huffer at the counter.

I could write a mini novel with what proceeded to happen next, but I will make a long story short...

Mawmaw got on the phone near our table asking the cops to come make him leave.  He had threatened one of the servers.  Meanwhile a woman shows up looking for her father-in-laws hearing aid.  Well, this is just as important to Mawmaw as the Huffer at the counter.  We hear the two of them discussing moving tables that have already been moved to search for the hearing aide, and about that time the Popo comes in.

So we got Mawmaw and loud woman talking about the hearing aide situation, and the Popo guestioning Huffer about where he lives, what's he got in his pockets, will anything stick him, why was he crying? (the answer to the last one was his Daddy was trying to make him a drug addict).  All of a sudden, they find a gun on him.  It is a BB gun but looks like a regular had gun.  And he had BB's and a boxcutter.  Cops had a fit then.  Yelling at him that if they had seen him on the street with the gun, they would have shot him, and so on.

Charlene tells Mawmaw that Officer Burton wants to talk to her, drawing her away from the fascinating Hearing Aide mystery of 2013.  She walks over to the counter.  He asks if the guy will be allowed to come back.  Her answer, "Naw, don't you ever come back in here!"  Then she proceeds back to loud woman looking for hearing aide as the Popo escort him out.

And all the time people are walking right up to where they had the guy in hand cuffs to pay their bill.  It was CRAZY.  Tim went to pay the bill and Angry Woman came in to visit with Mawmaw...hear is what I heard of their conversation...

AW:  You mean the retard?
MM:  Yes, they came and kicked him out of here and he can't come back or he will get arrested for trespassing.
AW:  They should of locked him up long ago.
MM:  Well, they will now if he comes back.
MM:  Where's you daughter now?
AW:  She's living with me.  You know her Daddy beat the shit out of her?
MM:  No, was Pawpaw arrested?
AW:  Not Pawpaw, her Daddy. 
MM:  Was her Daddy arrested?
AW:  Naw, but you know why of that, but he will go to jail.
          (we are assuming he wasn't arrested because the cop knew him)
MM:  Well, there is more than one officer in this town...
AW:  Yeah, but when it happened they were all on top of the mountain with that high speed chase.

Then TCW made me get up and leave.  It was one of the most interesting, bizaar meals we have ever had. 

Oh, and by the way, didn't find the hearing aide.

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