Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conversations with Rayray

Saturday night, Rachel, Tim and I were sitting in the smoking lounge (carport) waiting on Jenfer to get back from here sisters. (Her sister rents the house right next to me. It is great not having crazy neighbors!) Anyway, Rachel was telling us she might go to her friend Forrest's river cabin. This is how it went....

Tim: Where is the cabin?
RR: I don't really know.
Tim: Have you been there?
RR: Yea, once but Christina drove so I did not pay much attention.
Tim: Is it East of here, like near Cow Ford (sp)? or West like you are going to Joe Wheeler?
RR: I don't even know. If I have to drive I will take Mom's GPS.

(so this is where I just had to say a little something...)

LL: Well, what the hell are you going to type in "River Cabin?"

I love you Rayray!

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