Monday, November 16, 2009



I have been uninspired lately. From my blog, to everything. Not really much to blog about because I really haven't done anything fun, funny or exciting. Really, no one around me has either.

I spent my weekend with my dog on the couch, either cross-stitching or watching TV or napping. That is it.

The most energy I spent was going to the cross-stitch store on Saturday, then going to eat at Cracker Barrel with TCW yesterday. (and no, Strawberry Shortcake Heaven #92 was not there! - hope she didn't read my blog then quit! - yeah, right).

I should have made myself shower and gone to Andy's Birthday celebration at the Brick on Saturday...I am sure I would have had a lot to blog about then!

Oh, TCW did tell me a funny story about Btut. He was sitting at the bar during Andy's party, watching the football game, and the guys next to him were paying their tab and leaving. So, he called Btut over to sit there when they got up. Well, Btut started talking to them, finding out all about them, just gabbing away for about 10 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, she was like "Ok, it is time for ya'll to leave so I can sit down." Totally Btut! Love.

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