Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pease forgive me...

...I have been slacking I know. I am just so busy at the end of the year, and Rachel has spent the last two weekends in T-town, so they have not been around for me to observe funny happenings.

It seems to be turning into a pretty hectic Christmas. Here is where things stand:

1. I have not finished my shopping
2. I have not finished addressing my cards
3. I have not finished my Mom's shopping
4. I have not received all the internet ordered gifts
5. My dog is not putting pressure on his back right leg, so he is hurt
6. My cat is licking all the hair off her back at the base of her tail, so she is crazy
7. I have not spent all of my pre-tax medical money - have to spend $500 more before 12/31

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