Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Lost Season 6 (Final) airs 02/02/2010... (OMG)

Survivor Season 20 (Saints -vs- Villians) airs 02/11/2010...

...and yes, the Dragon Slayer is back!.....(dumbass)

...The Tudors airs sometime in the summer....(can't wait)

...and so does Season 4 of True Blood.

I could not find a date for a new season of Hell's Kitchen. I hope it has not gone off the air!

Don't you wish you had your priorities in order like me!

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Wayne, Ang and Loli said...

I saw a commercial last night while watching Idol that has to do with Gordon Ramsey...but I didn't catch what the show was?

GAH, Laura...all these HOT men to watch ;) *not to mention GOOD plots!*