Monday, October 25, 2010


1709 was jumping yesterday!  We held the 4th Annual Webb Tree Farms Pumpkin Carving!  Lots of food, fun, friends, and fire (see below)!

AndyRandy cooked hotdogs.  They were yummy.  There's Btut and Bear waiting on their dog!

I know you might think your eyes are deceiving you, but yes, that is TCW helping Lisa Tutb gut pumpkins!  We all were a little taken aback.  I think he even gutted TWO WHOLE PUMPKINS!  We had to take a picture in order to save for posterity.  Thanks Lisa are the best gutter EVER!

Carvers hard at work!  We were all really concentrating trying to do our best and win the Webb Cup!

KD and Britnaynay made the cutest spider cake!

L Big Dawes won the coveted Webb Cup!  Go L Big Dawes.  She was awfully excited!  (Loving the lighter attached to a badge lanyard so she won't loose it!)

Pyrotechnic Ken did flaming pumpkins again....

...we all had really neat pumpkins!  Thanks Tim for having another great Pumpkin Carving!  Can't wait till next year!

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