Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday Night's Allright for Fighting...

 Had a Blast at the Big Dawes Saturday night!  Thanks for having us and cooking delicious chili.  We had such a fun time watching the game outside on the big projection screen.  They built a fire in the firepit and everything.  Some one was even smart enough to bring a delicious dessert!  Thanks!

(Sorry for the blurry pictures...I forgot my camera and had to use AndyRandy's, then I had to blow them up when he emailed to me through gmail - I wont forget next time!)

Big Dawes and friends out by the fire pit and pool and hot tub.
 Btut, Wino Bill and AndyRandy enjoying watching Alabama kill Florida.  My seat for most of the night was the one next to Wino Bill.
 Oh, I almost forgot!  While we were sitting there, it got so cold it started to snow.  I said "Look everyone!! Can you believe it is snowing."  Then Btut, AndyRandy and Wino Bill had to point it out to the others!
It was magic!


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