Tuesday, December 14, 2010


~  J.D. Salinger (eccentric American writer) created the imaginary creature called the bananafish in his short story "A Perfect Day."  According to Salinger, the bizarre fish was named for a fatal food fetish - it would dive into holes in reefs in search of bananas and would eat so many of them it became too fat to swim out.

 ~  Brazil was the only South American country to send combat troops to Europe to fight with the allies during World War II.  Brazil declared war in August 1942 and sent more than 25,000 troops to Europe to aid the Allies.

~  17th-century English scientist Robert Hooke was looking at a slice of cork through the newly invented microscope when he discovered and coined the word cells.  He came up with the word cells because the tiny boxlike shapes he saw reminded him of the tiny chambers - known as cells - in a monastery.

~The deadly virus Ebola is named for the Ebola River in the northern Congo, where it was first detected in 1976.

~  Marilyn Monroe once claimed she used a hair dryer to speed up the preparation of a pasta dinner.

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