Wednesday, December 1, 2010


...Just kidding.  I am not going to start blogging every Wednesday about what is in my purse.  I actually had a really good blog planned and looked in my purse for my camera.  It is not there.  I really have no idea where it is.  Wish me luck on finding it.

So, without the aforementioned picture to blog about, I will inform you on what I did find in my purse!  I know you wait with baited breath!

1 pink wallet
1 Vera Bradley mini notebook
1 travel kleenex package
1 12" ruler (?)
2 pens
1 pink highlighter
1 package crystal light lemonade
1 book matches
2 straws
3 Werthers Originals
2 mints
1 random key (looks like from work - no idea)
foot lotion
Take 5 candy bar
7 dollars (1 five and 2 ones)
$1.17 cents in change (7 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 17 pennies
USAA proof of insurance
Receipts - 3 Food World, 1 Verizon, 1 Jason's Deli, 1 OK Tire, 1 Dillards, 1 Bryan Animal Clinic, 2 Target,
                 1 Big Lots
Menu's from Atlanta Bread and Asian Buffet
4 recipe cards for the following:  Ham Roll-ups, Ranch Ham Roll-ups, Cucumber Spread, and Artichoke Dip
1 tube Neosporin

Bet you're hoping I find my camera!  Of course, if I found it now, I would just take a picture of all this crap so you could see!  Happy Wednesday.

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David said...

I hate this... I am so OCD that I have to point out that you had $2.17 in change...