Tuesday, September 20, 2011


~  Arabic is the language that is the source of the words admiral, alcohol, algebra, azure, and alfalfa.

~  Autumn became known as fall because it was initially called "fall of the leaf" in Middle English during the 16th century, and eventually was shortened to fall.  The word crossed the Atlantic with early American colonists and continues to be used in the U.S., but it is now obsolete in Great Britain.

~  Only one member of the California-based pop band the Beach Boys was a surfer.  Drummer Dennis Wilson was the only surfer, despite the group's hit songs that suggested otherwise - including "Surfin'," "Surfin' Safari," "Surfin' USA," and "Surfer Girl."

~  In a box of Grape-nuts cereal the percentage of grapes and nuts are both zero.  The name was made up by the cereal manufacturer C.W. Post.  Maltose, one of the original ingredients, was known as grape sugar in 1898 when the cereal was first marketed; and it's believed that "nuts" referred to the cereal's flavor and/or crunch.

~  When you ass up the total of all the numbers from 1 to 100 you get 5,050.  (I bet Big D or Wino Bill will have to make sure this is true)

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David T said...

I would never ass up numbers like that. Haha!