Monday, September 19, 2011


Well, where do I even begin?  I had the best time at Riverfest this year.  LBOS did a great job and grilled some delicious meat!  I have so many pictures....I can blog all week about the great time had by all.  Here is the team in their cool new shirts.  (Miss Polly is sitting in the background).

L. BigDawes and BTut showing just how much the judges disliked the pie!  Haha, I think they even licked the plate clean!  (A. AndyRandy must have gotten a real important text not to be smiling in the camera.  That's OK...I have plenty more pics of him later)

As a matter of fact, the judges liked BTut's dessert so much....THEY GAVE HER A PERFECT 180!  LBOS won the dessert grand prize!   Here is the evidence to prove it...BTut getting their ribbon, check, and perfect 180 pin!

Happy Happy AndyRandy and BTut!

The crown Princess and L. BigDawes...Shout out for the pie.....but then L. BIGDAWES' SAUCE CAME IN 7TH PLACE!   Yay!!!!! So proud of them!  (best quote of the day..."Now if us men could just cook some damn meat!")

Don't ask....more on this one later....but everybody had so much fun!  (Look there's Dr. SweepHay and Greg Allman with AndyRandy!)

Wino Bill and Big D....

 ...and of course Triple her tiara.  (See joke about the tiara later)

The team again with their blue ribbon and the tent stake number....minus Bear but plus SteeRee.  SteRee sales Big Green Egg Grills in Decatur.
Man, TCW is tall....Thanks to the team, and all of their supporters, we had a wonderful Saturday afternoon. (How did the Right Wrights manage to stay out of my pictures?)

Quotes from Saturday....see if you can guess who said what....

"I don't want to be Snow White.   Why can't I be Cinderella?" - "Think of it this way, Snow White lived with 7 men."

"Now if us men could just cook some damn meat."  - after BTut and L BigDawes did so good.

"Hey....You're not my husband."

"We got us a check for five hundred dollars!" - "Good, who is going to get the beer?"

"Your invisibility shield is not working too well."

"I won't wash that hand again." - "Hey,     ,um, 4th grade just called and wants it's line back."

"You're pretty"  (actually that was said a LOT)

Oh, Thought I might mention...this is also a very important blog for me, not just because I got to blog about Riverfest, LBOS, and my friends...this is my 700th blog!  I can't believe it!  Stay tuned....

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