Monday, October 3, 2011


Had a great bacon-wrapped day Saturday at the Big Dawes' for the football games. 

First off, let me start by saying we all missed Mrs. BigDawes lots!  She was in Canada; therefore, not home.

Second, let me protect myself by issuing the following statement: "The blog you are about to read is true.  Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."  (Who am I kidding, no one there was innocent - except maybe that 9 year old boy that was there in the den)

As you can see, Mr. BigDawes was so elated when we all showed up at his house to party!

You can always find TCW near the food, especially if Dr. Sweephay brings the sweets (which she did).

A AndyRandy relaxing with his step son Johnny Cash.  (I guess you could say that Johnny Cash was is also innocent).

BTut in all her glory - War Damn Eagle!

Mr. Right Wright and Wino Bill holding down their chairs.

Mr. and Mrs Right Wright - I love y'all.  Y'all are sooooo funny!

R AndyRandy with their brother J.

S&M came for the Bama game...

...along with L'il Debbie...

...Cousin It... (Blacy)

...and our Ghost!

Good Times, Good Friends, Good Weather, Good Football!  What a great way to start October.

Now, my new favorite part of blogging about our get togethers...

Guess The Phrase!   (try to figure out who said what)
~  Damn, that's wrinkle free
~  Bow to the in
~  I'm ready for somethin' bacon-wrapped
~  I have to love him, 'cause if not, he'd have to get off my barbecue team
~  Farmin's hard
~  That shit right there is crucial to the structure
~  1:  You don't have to whisper.  2:  Yes we do.  We don't want you to hear.
~  1:  I've got German in me.  2:  Right now?

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