Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A few weeks ago Btut had a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness in which people gathered at the Brick to decorated bras.  I missed that part of the fundraiser, but I was there Friday night when some of the bras were auctioned off.  And Miss Btut and her hot, sexy models raised more than $500!  Way to go!

Poor J BigDawes, he needed a little help and encouragement...I guess he has not had many chances to model women's underwear (at least not in public). 

There...all done, and now he gets some extra special love from Btut!  (Please notice that 2 out of 3 bras that J BigDawes modeled were Alabama Roll Tide)

This guy was nice and really had a great time!

He was a hoot too!  All eyes on you!

Wino Bill trying to give the J BigDawes some pointers...I can hear J BigDawes saying "You know, I was the model for the highest priced bid tonight"...Uh Oh....wait...I think.....

...J BD started to channel his inner Zoolander!  Too funny!

Bear seems like he has done this before!

Good times!  Thanks guys for doing this for a good cause!

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