Monday, February 20, 2012


 What a wonderful time we had Saturday night in the first ever Decatur Mardi Gras parade!  The rain held off, and there were big crowds of spectators!  The float of the Crewe of Chaos was the place to be!  Khef is getting the float ready with the dry ice (above).

We were all so proud of the end product of our float.  Blood, sweat, tears and beer went into the decorating of the trailer.  It looked so good.  The crowd loved the color coded cans tied to the back (Grapico, Countrytime Lemonade, and Mountain Dew!)

 Let's see who all is ready to get their parade on!  There's Btut in the trailer and Wino Bill waving behind her...also Scapecoat (not sure that nickname is going to stay), P Lolly, and L BigDawes waiting to go!

Here's Btut and TCW mid-parade.  We had so much fun throwing out beads, cups, toys, coins and balls!

After pulling the float back to Mom's garage we all sat around, had a few beers, and patted ourselves on the back. (J, R RightWright, AndyRandy and TCW)

This would not have been possible without Dr. Sweephay and A Andyrandy!  Thanks for showing us how much fun Mardi Gras can be!

K RightWright and Scapecoat with the winning float! 

Thanks again everyone.  It really was a blast!

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Jamie said...

float looks great! glad you all had fun. probably one of my favorite holidays.