Wednesday, February 15, 2012


...That is Sally's new nick name for when she is eating baby squirrels and field mice that she catches.  As I mention in previous blogs (see "Murder on Pennylane" and the one about Washaway laughing at inappropriate times) Sally catches and then proceeds to almost completely eat various prey.  It is so gross!  One time, Rachel and I were in the Smoking Lounge and she had left a squirrel head under my chair.  She always catches prey and then brings them to the Smoking Lounge to devour.  And I mean devour...bones and all!  You can hear them CRUNCH!

Therefore TCW and I thought up a nick name for when she is such a cannibal.  And what more appropriate name than a take off from one of your favorite movies Silence of the Lambs.

Her new nickname can be added to the already pretty extensive list of Sally nicknames:  Salad, Creamy Parmesan, Evil Zlid, Salibu, Wombat, Wombatacus, TinkTink, Sally May Jefferson Jackson Johnson Washington....

(I think the pic above represents her in her killing personality!)

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