Thursday, June 21, 2012


As you know, we moved Mom to assisted living this weekend.  On Tuesday, I was at her old apartment to meet the movers.  Move was coming down the hall from getting her hair did.

AIDE:  (Pushing Mom in a wheel chair)  Is that your daughter?
MOM:  YES!  That's my daughter!
AIDE:  What is her name?
MOM:  Rachel.  No wait not Rachel, Laura.
LL:  Hey Mom.
MOM:  Hey sweetheart.
LL:  When did they rearrange your new room?
MOM:  What?  My room has been rearranged?
LL:  Well, I would guess you were in it at the time...
MOM:  I want to go to my old apartment.

Inside apartment...

MOM:  I need to go in my bedroom.
LL:  What for?
MOM:  I need to get my sports bras.
LL:  There gone.
MOM:  What do you mean they are gone?
LL:  You haven't worn a bra in weeks.
MOM:  Well, I am wearing one now.
LL:  Mom, they are gone.  Everything in here is packed up and the movers are moving it.
MOM:  Well gosh, I had a small fortune in sports bras.

Go figure.

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