Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have a wonderful group of friends - good, old friends - some I have known as long as I can remember. These quotes made me thankful for all my friends, and thankful for being Southern

"There's the Southern sense of belonging to a group - the feeling, often, that it's 'we' telling the story rather than 'I'. - Anne Tyler

"That's the spirit in which I was raised. Open y'doors, open y'hearts, open y'fridge." - The Lady Chablis

"I cry, not from reaching any conclusion by reasoning, but because, lowly as I am, I am still part of the whole." - Ernest J. Gaines in "A Lesson Before Dying"

"The vibe in that musty, beer-strewn dressing room felt as familiar as a family reunion, and I noticed that my own drawl had sneaked right out of me without my having realized." - Mark Kemp, VP for MTV

"...somehow we'll all instinctively wind up in the same spot. That's when we smile." - Michael Houser, Widespread Panic

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