Tuesday, July 6, 2010


TCW, Btut and I took a mini vaca to Tunica, MS this past weekend. Joined by Triple T and BigD on Sunday - and boy did we have a BLAST! We were laughing so hard at our blackjack table I thought my cheeks were going to crack. Everyone was watching us because we were having such a great time! Here are a few little bits to help us remember our wonderful time.....

"Laura Leigh you are saying it wrong...it is Tewnica not Toonica" - Btut

"I am goin' to the room. I lost $75 in an hour." - Btut
"More like 17.2 minutes." - Lsquare

"I like you...let me get my lips ready." - Calvin to anybody who got 21

"I don't like anything soft." - Btut

"Gotbleechtaba...ooh" - TCW

"Well, we all know diarrhea is smart..." - TripleT (none of us had a clue...)

"My Tunica name is Anastasia Beaverhousen...your's can be Wild Cherry." - Lsquare

"One and one we were having some fun, in the bedroom, all day and all of the night.
Two and two I took off my shoes....." Btut, Triple T, Joe (player) and Tonnie (dealer) singing the 2 Live Crew song


"Hell, hand me the beer...I'll take one for the team." - Btut

"It's the Johnster" - Joe
"The Johnmeister" - Btut
"The Johnanator" - TripleT
(Saying hello to our relief dealer who put us in funeral mode)

"Laura, let me tell you what Tim has been saying about you..." - Tonnie

"Amy, do you have to pee? Sweetheart you need to go try." - Btut, to Amy who waited 2 hours to get a spot at our table

"...and that's Amy. It's her birthday, and she has a bladder the size of a peanut." - TCW to a new girl who sat down next to him

"How much do I got?" - everyone at some point to the dealer (its gets hard to count)

And last but not least.....

"Ooooh, can I have your cherry?"
"Honey, that was gone a long time ago." - Anonymous

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