Friday, July 30, 2010


Yes, we really had this conversation on Wednesday night...

Mom: Andy did real good having his picture taken.
LL: Good, I was sure he would.
Mom: Yeah, and I looked at some of her portraits and I am going to have her paint one of Andy.
LL: Your having his portrait painted? I thought she was just taking photographs.
Mom: Well, she has to take the photos and then paint the picture from them.
LL: Where will you hang it? (Her walls are covered in art - more on that Monday)
Mom: I was thinking of taking down Purple Cat.
LL: Purple Cat? You aren't having his portrait painted that big are you?
Mom: I can if I want to.
LL: Whatever. If you take down Purple Cat I want it.

OK - Now here is a picture of Purple Cat in her den.
Do you see how big it is! Compare it to the lamp on the table, or hell compare it to the couch!

Here is her beautiful(?) dog Andrew Lloyd Webber, aka Andy. Lovely subject for a four foot painting, don't you think?

I present to you the three of them...Polly, Purple Cat and Andrew Lloyd Webber! Never a dull moment around here at "Crazy Times On Pennylane!"


Ringo said...

I love purple cat!!!!!!!

Laura Leigh said...

Bet you will love 4 foot Andy too!

Ringo said...

I am sure of it LL! Tell Polly I said hello!