Monday, August 23, 2010


TCW and I headed out yesterday for a little road trip. Well, it didn't start as a road trip. We were just going to get something to eat. Cracker Barrel was too full, and we couldn't decide where we wanted to eat in Decatur. TCW then suggested we head to Moulton and see what we could find. He had never been to Moulton, EVER. I said "Road Trip!" and we headed out.

We were looking for a good old home-cooking style restaurant. And we found one!
You know I just love how they spelled country with a K! Welcome to LKK - Little's Kuntry Kitchen! A meat and 3 sides was $3.99, meat and 4 was $4.99! Our total bill with tea was $12.87! We both had the country fried steak (I am sorry, I meant kuntry fried steak), mashed potatoes, green beans. I had fried okra and Tim got sliced tomatoes! It was yummy. Several people in the restaurant strained their necks looking at us. We decided they were trying to figure out who we were, or who we were related to in Moulton. I was Linda Joe's wayward granddaughter who had run off with a married man, and TCW was Jim Bob's boy from a previous marriage that had just got out of prison!
Of course, it could not be a road trip without a little drama. One of the girls who worked there got hurt in the kitchen, and they had to call 911. I begged TCW to sit there so we could see them wheel her out, but he wouldn't. What a buzz kill!

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Jamie said...

LL, you are too funny.