Monday, August 2, 2010


...Polly does! My Mom has a wonderful and eclectic collection of art in her home. As I mentioned Friday, her walls are pretty covered. I thought I would take some pictures and share.

Here you see a grouping over her TV. We have a Picasso ad, Monet, Matisse, Kelly Bradford. that last one is funny...the two faces on the right are by Kelly Bradford (aka Jacobs). The clay sculpture above the Picasso ad my Mom did in school. When sitting up right, it represents a mountain.
This is a David Hockney print called Mulholland Drive. It is hanging above the fireplace. You can see to the left just a little bit of a log cabin by folk artist Jimmie Lee Sudduth. You can read more about him on Wikipedia.

Opposite wall from the TV. Various artists including me! I cross-stitched the woman in the black frame with the red mat on the upper left side.

I took a picture of the blank space above the door because her latest purchase will hang here. She bought a painting by Susan Estes that is showing in the Carnegie this month. It is of an old school bus painted to look like a roll of lifesavers. The bus can be seen at a church on the way to Tunica. Mom painted the abstract on top of the book shelves when she was in college.

Of course this is my favorite. It is over the piano in the living room. It is a portrait of my baby around 6 years old. Marion Howard is the artist. She captured Rachel perfectly...her hair, facial expression, hands, even her feet bring back memories of when my baby was young!