Monday, August 16, 2010


...and the chicken, and the pork? Well, Saturday it was at AndyRandy's house! My favorite BBQ team (by favorite I mean my friends that can really cook BBQ well), Little Bit o' Smoke (LBOS) had a dry run there. What, you may ask, is a BBQ dry run? It is where they cook all of their entries and prepare it for presentation just like they were at the competition. And, since they cook a lot to be able to choose the best looking entries, there was a lot of BBQ left over for us to eat! Yea!

Cheers LBOS! Having the traditional shot of Southern Comfort when the cooking was complete! Kinda reminds me of Iron Chef Kat Cora on Food Network. I think they shoot Ouzo though.

Awe look, it is the Big Dawes showing off the competition entries!

Here is Btut's caramel pie. It was to die for!

You all must come to Riverfest and see how LBOS does! From top to bottom: chicken, ribs, pork, brisket.

LBOS - TCW, Btut, the Big Dawes, AndyRandy, Bear, Ken (not pictured - he was in New York with Chris Lily)
Love you guys, and I am always willing to sacrifice my time to judge your BBQ! Thanks

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