Friday, January 28, 2011


Weekend before last Rachel and I went to Petsmart and bought Sally and Spike some new toys.  As I have mentioned previously, Sally has actually gone insane this Winter.  She played with her mice and her feathers on a stick with the upmost vigor!  She acting like a true lioness!  Then, she went outside and killed something.  It was either a baby Squirrel or a big field mouse.  She deposited the head right by the carport door.  You can see the blood below...., let me point it out to you using my handy dandy dust pan.  There was even blood on the leaf!
Rachel and I had stepped out to smoke.  I looked down and thought "Hey, that kind of looks like a head" and then I noticed the blood.  We went screaming back into the house and then out the back door to finish our ciggarettes. 

Rachel informed me that in no way was she going to touch the head to remove it from the smoking lounge.  So, I resolved myself to the fact that I would need to take care of it.  The funny thing is, it took about 3 hours to convince myself that the head was actually dead, and was not going anywhere, and that it was actually safe to scoop up and put in the garbage!  I would have Rachel go to the back door and check to see if it was still there.  I don't know what we were thinking!  I mean, a head can't really regenerate the rest of its body, can it? 

Ahhh, good times!

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David said...

THIS is hilarious!