Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 ~  The original name for the cheerful Alka-Seltzer mascot who has a tablet body and hat was Sparky.  Soon after he was created in 1951, his name changed to Speedy to reinforce manufacturer Bayer's promise of speedy relief.

 ~  Benjamin Franklin wrote and published a "letter of advice" on the subject of choosing a mistress in 1745.

 ~  PSI trailing is the uncanny ability of a cat, dog, or other pet to find its owner in an unknown distant location or from an unfamiliar place.  PSI stands for psychic.

 ~  Polar bears who wander into the town of Churchhill in Manitoba, Canada when the ice covering the nearby Hudson Bay thaws are held captive in the jail of a former military base.  Up to 23 bears at a time can be held until winter, when they are airlifted to the newly iced-over bay.

~  The Flash (January 1940) was the first comic book hero to acquire superpowers as the result of a lab accident.  He was a college student who became capable of super speed after inhaling "hard water" fumes during a lab mishap.

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