Friday, May 13, 2011


Most people consider Friday the 13th unlucky.  I have always considered it just another day.  It is funny because I tend to be pretty superstitious, but I have never really fallen for the Friday the 13th doom and gloom. 

I do, however:

*  pick up my feet when riding in a car over train tracks
*  never watch friends or loved ones leave until they are out of my sight (I turn around or go inside)
*  throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it
*  knock on wood
*  say "God Bless You" when someone sneezes
*  never open an umbrella in the house or walk under a ladder 
*  never give knives as presents unless accompanied by money
*  try to enter and leave a house by the same door
*  believe placing a hat on the bed is bad luck (get this from my Grandmother Lawrence)
*  believe bad things come in 3's

Notice, I don't believe in any superstition involving a back cat - To quote J Big Dawes "I am like Jesus.  I love all cats." (he actually said dogs)

Have a good weekend!

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