Monday, May 23, 2011


Had a wonderful time at the BBQ competition Saturday, but boy my sinuses are paying for it today!  LBOS came in 12th overall!  Shout!  I thought I would share some moments I captured!  I did take a pic of the "brown licker" traditional shot after all meat is turned in, but I took it with A AndyRandy's camera, so I don't have it....

This was shortly after I arrived, and L BigDawes, Btut and A AndyRandy were getting the rib presentation put together.  Boy those girls worked long and hard making sure the meat looked "just right" in the boxes.

Team LBOS hard at work!  Wino bill is over there dipping into the ribs!  R AndyRandy and TCW were discussing exactly where to cut the ribs apart....

...whole team hard at work...but for some reason I never got a picture with Bear or his cute family in it!  Sorry.

TCW, J BigDawes and R AndyRandy discussing the pork.

Great day for LBOS!  They had their name called twice!  10th in chicken and 3rd in brisket (for 3rd they got a check and a plaque)!  And I got a new official title other than number one fan and taster....I am now the official Brush Washer-Upper Water Pourer!  Try to top that!


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