Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This is Sally (or in this case her split personality - Evil Zlid)...

...and this is RayRay (or in this case Sassy Missy Missy).  They have a love/hate relationship (I believe it stems from jealousy over my love).
 Sally has been known to attack Rachel on two previous occasions:  1) one day when Rachel was sick home from school Sally just scratched her while she was laying on the couch; and 2) Rachel was doing her homework at the dining room table, we had been arguing, I was ready to strangle her, Sally just jumped up on the table and scratched her.  (Don't tell Rayray this, but at that time I thought to myself "Good, way to go Sally!")

This is $40 worth of Dead Sea Salt hand conditioning treatment that Rayray was suckered into buying while at the mall on Saturday.  Yes, the woman at the kiosk saw her coming from a mile away... 

...and this is what Sally did to remind Rachel not to be so haughty and vain!  When Rayray called me at work yesterday you would have thought that Sally (or Evil Zlid) had been chasing her around the house with a butcher knife...I mean, really, Rayray.
Sally...keeping it real!

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