Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As most of you know (at least those of you who have been around me for 2.5 seconds since May 15th), Rachel is in Goshen, Indiana for the summer.  Do I miss her?  You bet your sweet a** I do.  I was looking at pictures of her on facebook and came across some that her high school friend Clark took.

I had never seen this on before.  I love her smile!  So fresh and sweet.

This is one of my favorite that Clark took.  It was the night of prom.  I think this picture invokes you can't really tell if she is happy or, love, love the eyes.

Never saw this one either, but I think I am going to have it blown up and framed.  Love the color!

Hello Beautiful!  Mommy misses you.  Love.


Jamie said...

What is miss Rachel doing in IN?

Laura Leigh said...

She is up there with boyfriend. He is working with a musician up there. She has it made!