Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well, hooray for another wonderfully successful Pumpkin Carving!  What a day!  We had a record crowd, and everyone had a great time.  Beautiful weather, creative people, good food, chillin' with good friends - what more could you ask for?

Shout out to the two best pumpkin gutters EVER!  Thanks Jenfer and Lisa TutB!  That's baby Wyatt and his parents sitting in the back ground in the sun.  His first pumpkin carving!

All of us having a great time...

...there are the RightWrights and Wino Bill sitting by the fire.

Triple T and Big D, L BigDawes hard at it trying to win that prized trophy! Big D was runner up.

There were 36 pumpkins to be judged.  Thanks to S&M for judging...I know it was hard.

I love this picture.  I stole it from Blacy's facebook page.

Got to have the pyrotechnics!  There's Washaway - Rachel's boyfriend - with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

And the winner is....Jacob!  KrisT's boyfriend - and first time attendee!

I love this pic of TCW and KrisT.  Thanks TCW for having a great get together!  Love!

Favorite Quotes:

*  "I can't see it."  "See it?"  "No, I can't see it." (trying to figure out what the carving was)

*  Laura Leigh's pumpkin is just "eh".

*  We won too.  We gutted every damn pumpkin here.

*  I hope they signed a waiver.

*  Johnny Cash broke the house.

*  The back yard looks like a field trip for the mentally challenged.


*  Where's my jacket? - I'm wearing it.

*  Ain't there no Americans here?  Where the Color Guard is?

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