Thursday, November 10, 2011


As Btut graciously pointed out to me in an email this morning, I am grossly behind on my blogging. I do have so much to blog about, but have been extremely busy and stressed. I will try to do better. I have enjoyed letting my inner social butterfly bloom lately and have been busy having fun on the weekends with my friends. Do not be discouraged....I will get caught up on the blog before the weekend...

So, in order to do just that, let's go back to where I left off...the day after Cumpkin Parving and two days after Walk your paws for the cause with the Dawes...was Halloween! We spent it at the BigDawes and had a wonderful time.

Btut honed in on her inner Feline or her inner Jan dressed as a Feline.  (I know this is crazy, but every time I talked to her I thought I was talking to Jan - TCW's step Mom)

Here is the Black Swan as portrayed by L BigDawes...

...getting her "ballet" on!

Princess Jasmine was there...or Slum Dog Millionaire...I am not sure which.

And what Halloween would be complete without flaming pumpkins.  Thanks the Conductor BigDawes the flaming pumpkins were a huge hit! (and they were warm)

We had so much fun!  A guest fiddler even made his way over and put on an impromptu performance.

Quote of the night:  "I might be cold on the outside, but I am warm on the inside."
Food of the night:  Candy - lots of it
Color of the night:  Black
Into the night
Night of the living dead
Saturday night fever
In the heat of the night
A nightmare on elm street
After mid night, were gonna let it all hang out...

...Wait, I believe I lost my train of thought...

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