Friday, November 4, 2011


Last Saturday I "volunteered" at the Walk Your Paws event in Decatur.  (Many of you will understand why volunteered is in quotations!)  We had a great time.  I especially liked the demonstrations by the search and rescue dogs and the police K-9 unit. 

We had a chance to visit with the BigDawes the night before.  Miss Chiquita (blog name) was looking so forward to the big day!  She was riding high in her new chariot getting ready for her big debut on Saturday!

Clickity-Clack (blog name) was in there too, but he was not so much up for being on exhibition...

...he really just wanted to sack out in the back seat and enjoy the ride!

But Miss Chiquita - that is another story.  She rode up front with her head held high!  She was ready to be a show off at the Paws event.

However, it was not meant to be. 

It seems that Miss Chiquita did not realize she would have to share the lime light with other canines.  (Clickity Clack misbehaved shortly after these pictures were taken and did not even arrive at the event.)  When TCW and I arrived at the park L BigDawes was putting Miss Chiquita in the car.  Such a shame because she was rocking her little pink and black outfit.  Seems Miss Chiquita was trying to insight a riot.  As L BigDawes informed us "This is a pet friendly event, and my pet is not friendly."

Other memorable quotes:

*  Awe, he doesn't like the fuzzy in his mouth.
*  They sure win the "owner-pet" look alike contest.
*  I hope that cop signed a waiver.

Any way, it has been almost a week, and we can't remember anymore quotes.  Need to keep a pen and paper handy...I normally do when alcoholic beverages are involved!

Have a good weekend!

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