Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Blogger

LBD (L Big Dawes) got caught up on my blog this morning.  We have been emailing back and forth about it, and I thought I would use one string of her emails as a guest blog...

Ok, now I’m all caught up. I also noticed in your cumpkin parving blog, an orb in one of your photos.

An orb captured in a photo can mean it was a spirit captured in the photograph. If it is a spirit, perhaps it was telling us who would be the winner of the contest?

Spooky, eh?

Lois Dawes

Then she sent another...saying this photo had 4 orbs.  I could only see two so she resent the photo with a key and then an even better key!  (Rayray is sitting at the table in the white jacket with one right over her head!)

Wait, this answer key is better:

The one marked out on the far right is actually the neighbors satellite dish.  Not really sure if the one directly behind TCW's leg is one or not.

Thanks LBD for making me laugh and guest blogging!

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